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Fun football cheers are imperative for keeping the mood and spirit of a game alive. Not all football games run alike. Some are gripping, high-tension displays of athletic prowess and others move as slowly as… Keep reading »

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Everybody cheer!

Whether you're on the squad or you're one of the spectators cheering along from the stands, cheerleading cheers are for everyone who has school or team spirit. Cheers boost the energy level of the entire event, inspire the team to play harder than they might otherwise, and provide added entertainment. Find cheers, routines and information at LoveToKnow Cheerleading that can help boost your team spirit.

Cheers By Sport

Cheers can be specific to the sport being cheered for. Try adding some sport-specific cheers and chants to your roster, such as:

Cheers By Type

Sometimes a little tweaking is all that's needed to turn a cheer into something perfect for your sport or school. Find generic cheers broken down by type including:

Start Cheering

With so many different cheers to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding some that are right for your squad. Add some fresh cheers, chants, and routines to your repertoire and keep the crowds on their feet!

Cheerleading Cheers