Cheer Applique T-Shirt

Lori Soard
cheerleader in cute top

A cheer appliqué T-shirt can be something fun that your squad can create together and wear while waiting for new uniforms to arrive or on casual outings. Many cheer moms also wear these tee shirts in order to show their support for their daughters.

Where to Find Appliqués

There are many different places to find appliqués for your cheer T-shirts. Bigger schools often sell appliqués in the school bookstore. Simply purchase the appliqué and iron or sew it onto the shirt of your choice. This is probably the easiest and quickest way to obtain a cheer appliqué T-shirt.

Sites such as So Cute Appliques sell cheer appliqués. Or, if you don't mind something a little more generic like a letter or basic mascot animal, you may be able to find items to appliqué onto a tee shirt at stores such as Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.

How to Make a Cheer Applique T-Shirt

T-shirts are a very versatile clothing choice. Not only are they available in nearly every color of the rainbow, but you can purchase long and short sleeved tees and everything in between. Baby doll tees are form fitting, whereas regular tees fit a bit looser.

Choosing the Tee Shirt

If the shirts are being made for the squad to wear as a team, then all the cheerleaders and coach should agree on a specific tee. It is best to buy the tee shirts at the same time, from the same store so that they all match. If you are purchasing any color other than white or black, dye lots can vary. So, even if you purchase canary yellow tees from the same store, the canary yellow hue may vary just a bit and not look good when all the cheerleaders gather in one large group.

Wash and dry the tee shirts before applying any items to the shirt. Otherwise, the shirt might shrink and the appliqué will fall off or warp.

Choosing the Appliqués

Before the appliqués are applied, there are a few more decisions to be made.

  • Will everyone have the same appliqué on their shirts?
  • Will girls have their names anywhere on the shirt?
  • Will the school mascot be included?
  • Are there any special symbols that the squad wants to include?
  • Where exactly will each appliqué be sewn? Two inches down on right sleeve? Be exact!
  • What color thread will be used to sew on the appliqué?
  • Do you have extra appliqués in case one comes off later and needs replaced?

Sewing on the Appliqué

Although the appliqués can be applied with a sewing machine, it is best to sew the appliqués by hand. This will help avoid any messy lines, as long as the girls take their time sewing. While many appliqués have a sticky back that can be ironed down on the shirt, this should only be done to make sure the appliqué is in the right position. Ironed on appliqués tend to come loose and fall off after a few washes. It is vital that you go ahead and sew the appliqué down to make sure it stays in place.

Different Types of Cheer Shirts With Appliqués

There are many different styles you can create with appliqué tees.

  • Cheer Advertisement: Advertise your squad to encourage other students to try out with a cute and fun tee that can be worn to class.
  • Cheer Moms: Many moms support their daughters' cheer careers. They would be thrilled with a cheer t-shirt that said "Cheer Mom" and had their daughter's name.
  • Slam the Other Team: Create a fun shirt that slams the other team. For example, take their dragon mascot and have your hornet stinging the dragon. This can be fun to wear during spirit week.

Just Getting Started

These are just a few of the things you can do with appliqué T-shirts. With a little imagination, a sewing needle and some thread, you'll be certain to come up with many more ideas to show your school spirit.

Cheer Applique T-Shirt