Cheerleading Icons

cheerleading icon

Cheerleading icons are easily found all over the Internet, but what purpose do they serve?

Promoting Cheerleading

Icons and other types of graphic art images are commonly used to promote school teams. These images range from pictures of the school mascot to images portraying particular sports. Cheerleaders and athletic team members often carry sports bags, water bottles, and other paraphernalia that feature icons and decals related to the team. This is one of the most common ways to promote the school, team, and of course, the cheerleading squad.

If you've ever perused the Internet for cheerleading icons, clipart, and other images, you've probably found numerous sites that offer a large selection to choose from. Some of these icons and images promote positive cheerleading ideals, while others actually ridicule or take a more risqué approach to the sport.

AIM Icons

AIM icons are popular among AOL users. Typically, AIM icons are used for Instant Messenger and buddy icons. Girls who participate in the sport of cheerleading may choose a cheerleader icon to represent them on their buddy list. This means that anytime they appear on someone else's buddy list, they are viewed as a cheerleader through this icon. Message icons are more about conveying an emotion, so they are often referred to as emoticons.

Finding Cheerleading Icons

Most icons are actually free because they are part of the public domain. However, some icons actually include the web address of the site that sponsors them, so be sure you take a good look before you choose an icon to use on your own site. If you are searching for cheerleading icons to use either on your squad's supplies or to use on personal or school websites, check out the following sites. Many cheerleaders enjoy posting a variety of icons on their Facebook or MySpace websites. If you're a cheerleader, then share your enjoyment and pride in this sport with all of your friends and family! You can be as creative as you like!

  • Iconator-With icons like "Born to Cheer", "Go, Fight, Win", and "Rah, Rah", you'll have more difficulty actually choosing an icon than finding one. Categories on this site include New Icons, Top Icons, Most Downloaded, and Icons of the Day. You'll also have access to MySpace layouts and an animator. Most of the icons on this site are in cartoon form.
  • Photo Bucket-This site offers a varied selection of cheerleading icons. For example, you can choose from actual photos of cheerleaders with or without phrases. You can also choose quotes like "Cheerleading; it's what I live for", "Cheerleading-Think you've got what it takes?" "Cheerleading is love", and "I do my own stunts." Photobucket is a photo-sharing site, which you can use to share your pictures with friends and family. You can upload your own photos, or you can choose to create a scrapbook featuring pictures and icons that others can view.
  • Frank's Icons-While this site isn't as large as some of the other sites, you can find several fun cheerleading icons to use, including icons like "If you think football is hard, try cheerleading!" and "Cheerleading=My Life."
Cheerleading Icons