Sideline Basketball Cheers

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Sideline basketball cheers help fill the gap while the team is on the floor and tension is at its highest. For anyone who loves the sport of basketball, the heart thumping rhythm of the game is only amplified by the cheers performed by the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Sideline cheers can urge the fans to shout louder and encourage the team to play harder than ever before. Sideline cheerleaders have an important role to play and there is a lot of thought that goes into the cheers and chants shouted during a basketball game.

Space Considerations

Because space is very limited on the sidelines of a basketball court, sideline basketball cheers need to have small, tight moves that don't require a lot of extra space. Big jumps, pyramids and cheers that require separate rows need to be saved for the halftime or quarter breaks. You may be directly in front of the bottom row of bleachers, so watch out for any cheers that require high kicks as well. The last thing you want to do is kick a fan in the nose.

Fast Pace of Basketball

Basketball is a fast paced sport. The ball can move from one end of the court to the other at high speed. Because of this, sideline basketball cheers must be short and to the point. For example, a long offense cheer may lose its point as the team shifts to defense in the middle of the cheer. Because of this, short, crisp chants are much better suited for cheerleading for basketball.

These cheers should focus on things such as defense, taking the ball back, making a basket or other short and quick points. Basketball cheerleaders must also be ready to shift from one cheer to the next as the ball changes hands and the team shifts from offense to defense. It is a good idea to have one cheerleader or a coach keeping an eye on the game at all times, who can signal to the other cheerleaders to quickly shift focus. This is usually the captain's job. The squad should practice transitions from one type of cheer to the other.

Popular Sideline Basketball Cheers

There are many places to find popular and common sideline basketball cheers. There are some cheers that are common to all cheer squads and are well known, such as "Defense Attack, Get it Back" and "Fire it Up". In addition to those, LoveToKnow offers information on many different types of cheers for basketball, such as:

Fresh and New Basketball Cheers for the Sidelines

Here are a few unique cheers your squad might enjoy that are perfect for the sidelines of any basketball game. The word "Wildcats" has been used as the team name, but you can simply replace "Wildcats", with your team's name.

Offense Cheers

Wildcats Beat

We got that Wildcats beat
Can you feel the heat?
We got that Wildcats roar
Feel the rumble on the floor
(Repeat twice)

Dribble Dribble

Dribble Dribble
Pass the Ball
Dribble Dribble
Stand up Tall
Dribble Dribble
Across the Floor
Dribble Dribble
Score Two More!
Dribble Dribble
Score Two More!

The Hoop

Dribble the ball to the hoop
Behind the back and loop dee loop
Dribble the ball across the floor
Dribble the ball and score two more

Defense Cheers

Attack the Basket

If you're proud
Yell it loud
Take that ball
Attack the basket
Take that ball
Attack the basket!

Move It

Wildcats like to
Move it, move it
We don't want to
Lose it lose it
Wildcats like to
Win 'em all
Wildcats want to
Net that ball
Net that ball

Sideline Cheers Transitions

The transition between offensive cheers and defensive cheers needs to be smooth, even when you have to shift between the two quickly. The last thing you want to do is cheer the opposing team to victory. Here is one transition cheer that may work for your team:

What a Day

Wait a minute, what a day
Down the court the other way
Now we say…

After chanting the above, you can easily transition into a new chant or cheer that suits your team's current play.

Have fun, be creative and you're certain to come up with many different cheers that perfectly suit your individual team and school.

Sideline Basketball Cheers