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Baseball doesn't usually lend itself to traditional cheerleading, so if you're cheering at a baseball game, stick to simple baseball cheer slogans to get the crowd excited. Slogans catch a sentiment in a few short words or phrases and they help rally a group for a unified cause. Come up with a single slogan for your team, or choose several that summarize the culture and desire of the players on the field.

Cheer Slogan Ideas

When you come up with a slogan, you want to keep the players and coaches in mind. Every team develops its own unique culture and way of interacting. You wouldn't want to come up with a slogan that the players and coaches don't gel with. Get to know them, ask what their goals are, or what area of the game they're focusing on this season. When you know the team, you'll be more prepared to provide them with an appropriate slogan.

General Slogans

If you just want a generic baseball slogan to use on the field, you can choose one of the following:

  • Hit! Run! Score!
  • Life is a Game. Baseball is Serious.
  • Dedication + Motivation = Success

Championship Slogans

If you have a killer team that's planning to do whatever it takes to win the divisional championship, you might want your slogan to include that sentiment. You could use slogans like:

  • Whatever it Takes
  • Refuse to Lose
  • Wildcats Win Championships
  • Every Game Is the Most Important Game

Tongue-in-Cheek Slogans

For teams that like having fun and joking around, a tongue-in-cheek slogan that includes a play on words might get the players and fans excited. Use ideas like:

  • Honey, I'm Coming Home
  • We're Battin' Down the Hatches
  • There's No Place Like Home

Focus on Fundamentals Slogans

When a team goes through a "building year" the coach may want to focus on practice, hard-work and team unity. He might prefer a slogan that emphasizes those attributes:

  • Nine Players, One Goal
  • Deeds Not Words
  • Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Player-Specific Slogans

Once players start playing at the high school and college level, most teams allow the players to choose a song to play over the loudspeakers before they head to the plate. For the boys who haven't reached that level yet, you can come up with player-specific slogans to chant as they head to the plate. For instance, if the player's name is John, you could substitute his name for the word "gone" in the phrase, "And the ball is John…John…John!"

Using Baseball Cheer Slogans

After you've come up with the perfect baseball cheer slogan, you'll want the players and fans to adopt the slogan as well. Consider printing the slogan on T-shirts or visors in team colors. You could also make big banners to hang on the field's fencing or behind the stands.

Incorporate the slogan into a short cheer chant as well. There aren't many times during a baseball game that traditional cheerleading is appropriate, but in between innings or as the teams switch between hitting and fielding, you could spread out in front of the bleachers and lead the fans in short chants using one of the team slogans. For instance, if the slogan is "Dedication + Motivation = Success," you could use the following short chant:

"If dedication plus motivation, equals success, we practice to win, we play to win, and we are the best!"

Using a baseball slogan can help you know how to appropriately lead cheers during the game. Just remember: baseball is a highly mental sport, so avoid trying to lead cheers or chants while your team is in the middle of pitching or batting. It might distract the players.

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