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Basketball chants can add excitement to a game and really get the crowd into the action! Choosing a squad's material is one of the biggest decisions you will make when it comes to home games. Some popular basketball chants are so worn out it will be difficult to get a crowd going with the same old calls they have heard for years. At the same time, you do not want something so unique that the fans have trouble following the words. A mix of old and new is perfect, so add some of the following chants into your tried and true repertoire.

Basketball Chants for Offense

These basketball chants are the perfect routines to hype up team supporters and energize the players at the same time.

Pin-ter-est, Facebook, Twitter

Pin-ter-est, Facebook, Twitter (start in ready position, broken T, T)
Make the other team bitter (right K, left K)
Dribble fast (make dribbling motion with right hand)
Score two points (right punch while holding up two fingers)
Score two points (left punch while holding up two fingers)

Bounce Pass!

Dribble, dribble, bounce pass (make dribbling motion with right hand, hands move to ready position and right foot stomps forward)
Eagles team can run fast (low touchdown, touchdown)
Dribble, dribble, chest pass (make dribbling motion with left hand, broken T)
Eagles team is never last (bow and arrow right, left punch)

(Repeat three times and end with a herkie jump)


In the air, catch the ball (toe touch jump)
Look at (player's name), standing tall (high V)
Watch him fly (circle arms around in a criss cross and back up into a high V)
Like Michael Jordan, my oh my (stomp forward with right foot and then lift right hand and fan self)
Alley-oop and two more points (bow and arrow right, broken T)
Alley-oop and through the hoop (bow and arrow left, circle arms to create hoop)
Go, Bandits! (clap hands twice)

Defensive Chants

When the other team has the ball and is traveling down the court, it's time to swing into action with some defensive chants that will keep your team's motivation high.


Jump up high, hit the shot (jump up with right arm raised and palm flat toward the fans; pretend to block a basketball)
Reject that basket (T, bow and arrow right)
Jump up high, no score for you (jump up with right arm raised and palm flat toward the fans; pretend to block a basketball)
Reject that basket (T, bow and arrow left)

(Repeat three times and end with jump of choice)


Watch them run (run in place)
They have our ball (low touchdown)
Take it, take it (tabletop, low clasp, tabletop, low clasp)
Don't let them stall (ready, right L)
Before they score (ready, tabletop, touchdown)
We want it more (ready, tabletop)
Turnover! Turnover! (swoop fists toward chest and down ending in a low touchdown, repeat)
Go, Rangers! (jump of choice)

Steal Big Orange

Our blood runs blue (broken T, T)
Our blood runs gold (ready, clasp at chest level)
The basketball is big and orange (circle arms and bring them up over your head)
The Rangers have our basketball (right K, left K)
Steal big orange (front lung with hands on hips)
Steal big orange (low V, ready position)

Stay Original

Although these chants aren't ones others have likely heard, sometimes a squad just wants to utilize all their creativity and come up with original cheers that won't risk being duplicated by a rival squad. If you have girls on your squad who have a flair for poetry or songwriting, these skills can easily be transformed into awesome cheer and chant writing.

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