Candid Cheer Gallery

Candid Cheer Gallery

Believe it or not, cheerleading is hard work; just look at this candid cheer gallery of professional and college level cheerleaders!

Carolina Panther Girls

The Carolina Panthers here are performing a half time routine during an NFL game. The Panthers are proud of their southern heritage and boast that they have girls serving from both Carolinas.

Phoenix Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes pose while they are doing some promotion work for their organization. PR related duties are typically part of a cheerleader's job description.

Dallas Girls Deck the Halls

The team choreographer generally puts together new routines for every game that the cheerleaders perform. These Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are performing a Christmas themed routine during half-time.

UCLA Represent

Typically, part of a cheerleader's job is to represent the organization for which she cheers. This means that in addition to cheering for games, the girls typically have promotional appearances on the side. While professional cheerleaders generally get paid for promotional appearances, these college girls do it for the love of their school.

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Candid Cheer Gallery