What to Know About Cheerleading

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Choosing good songs for cheer will depend largely on the purpose of the music, the age of the cheerleaders, and the context of the event. For instance, you will likely need a two-minute music mashup for a competitive… Keep reading »

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High school cheerleading team on football field

Cheerleading isn't just about cute outfits and mascots. Cheerleading has a long history that dates back to the Olympic games in Rome. There are even current debates on whether cheerleading is actually a sport. No matter where you stand on cheerleading, you can't deny that it is a fun and athletic pastime for elementary school and high school kids alike.

Exercises, Stretches, and Ideas

Not only is it important to have routine ideas for pep rallies, but you need to stretch and condition your body through exercises for cheerleading. Flexibility exercises are important along with warm-up exercises. After your body is all warmed up, you can find routines that will fit your style like hip hop dances. You'll want to select the perfect music mix of cheer songs that you can use for your routine.

Landing That Tryout

Tryouts are usually where you can showcase your skills to the team. This is the make or break moment for cheerleaders. Knowing how to prepare for the cheerleading tryout and getting tips from an expert can mean the difference between getting a spot on the team or falling flat on your face. It's also important to understand the forms that you are going to need to fill out to tryout.

Understanding Competitions

There is cheerleading and then there is cheerleading. Some cheerleaders simply do routines at the high school football and basketball games, while others compete in cheer competitions around their state and sometimes national competitions. These competitions take cheerleading to a whole new level and require a different level of training. Learn how to get competition ready through building your stamina and squad moral.

Getting Cheerleading Camp Know-How

Summer cheerleading training is all about camp. Cheer camp is a lot of fun along with a lot of hard work mixed in. There are camps all over the U.S. too. You might check out the cheer camps in NC or even the Poconos Mountains cheer camp. Looking for a top-rated experience, use the guide to the Universal Cheerleaders Association camps. Camps cover not only routines, outfits and moves, but pyramid and flyers safety as well.

The Facts About Cheer Injuries

Cheerleading isn't all sparkles and pom-poms, it can come with some real serious risks. This can be especially true for those that compete at a higher level than your typical Friday night lights cheerleaders. It is important to look at the injury statistics to understand what you are getting in to. Tips from an expert on injury prevention can help you to make sure you're conditioning properly to avoid catastrophic injuries.

The Truth About Cheer

Cheer can be an amazing sport to help keep your body in shape. Not only is it fun, it includes dance movements and music. You can even find fun room décor ideas and poems for cheerleading. However, this sport does come with some real risks, and depending on how serious you are, national recognition.

What to Know About Cheerleading