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Article Highlight: Overcoming Setbacks: The Inspiring Lacey Henderson Story

The story of Lacey Henderson, a cheerleader who has accomplished more on one leg than some people do in a lifetime, is inspiring and should motivate every cheerleader who reads about her journey. LoveToKnow had… Keep reading »

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Cheerleaders cheering on football field

Cheerleaders aren't like the stereotypes Arianna and Craig create on Saturday Night Live Spartans. They're skilled, diverse athletes with names like Franklin D. Roosevelt, George W. Bush, Samuel L. Jackson, Reese Witherspoon, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Find out how to become a cheerleader at the amateur and professional level while taking a little peak into the drive, determination and athleticism required for this sport.

Beginning Cheerleading and Inspiration

When you think cheerleader, maybe you think of the little cheerleaders dancing around during elementary football. You might also have images of the 8th grade cheerleaders coaching their team to shoot that next basket. There are also the high school level cheer girls that are improving their pyramids under the Friday Night Lights. But do you know the work and determination that goes into cheerleading? Learn about Lacey Henderson who received a scholarship to the University of Denver despite having her leg amputated. Find out what it takes to become a cheerleading squad captain. Not only do you need to show your best at all times, but it is a lot of responsibility. Cheerleading isn't all about cute skirts and pom poms. It's work.

Cheering on College Cheerleaders

Becoming a college cheerleader is tough. You need to attend practices and work out sessions while perfecting new skills. Beyond just cheering at college basketball games, you might need to attend events, competitions and auditions. Depending on your skill and stunt level, you might complete in competitions at the national level for titles. With the right attitude, take your skills to the professional level.

Becoming a Professional

Becoming a professional cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys or the LA Lakers might be the end goal of all the hard work you've put in. But becoming a household name and wearing those uniforms will take grit and a can-do attitude.

Football Cheerleaders

Do you have professional football cheering dreams? Learn what it is like to be an NFL cheerleader, including the requirements and popular squads. Becoming an NFL pro bowl cheerleader can prove that you're the best of the best. It isn't just dancing around on the field though, education and experience come into play. With a lot of hard work, you can become the next Pittsburgh Steeler's Steelerette.

Basketball Cheerleaders

Professional cheerleading doesn't end at the NFL. Much like football cheerleaders, as an NBA cheerleader, you are representing the team and organization. This means you need good sportsmanship, dance skills and passion. Making your dreams a reality is all about the work you put in.

Your Inner Cheerleader

Not only will you find all your questions answered about cheerleaders, but you'll also find articles on what it takes to have that positive attitude and a winning spirit. Cheerleading is about rooting for your team but it's also about being part of a team.

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