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About Cheerleading Gear

All you really need to cheer is a lot of spirit, but it doesn't hurt to have some awesome cheerleading gear.


Think about it. When you close your eyes and picture a cheerleader, what do you see? Mostly likely you're envisioning a chipper young man or woman in a signature uniform with matching sweater, blouse, pants or skirt and some type of cheer shoes.


That takes care of the clothing, but cheerleaders use other cheerleading gear as well. Probably the most conspicuous equipment most cheerleaders work with are the pom pons. These bushy collections of finely cut vinyl/plastic strips are used to accentuate both standard cheers and more complicated dance routines. Spirit sticks/batons also make an appearance at many games and pep assemblies.

Of course, it would be remiss not to talk about megaphones. These extremely simple devices make it possible for cheerleaders to be heard above the roar of the crowd. Who hasn't seen a cheerleader aim a megaphone at the crowd and shout out a team cheer?

Safety Gear

Not as obvious to an audience but of supreme importance to any cheerleader is the safety gear used during practice and/or performances. Cheer safety vests help protect a flyer from injury as she learns and then perfects various aerial stunts. Floor mats provide a cushion to prevent broken bones if a cheerleader takes a hard landing.

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Cheerleading Gear will cover all forms of spirit accessories, including what they are, how to use them and where to purchase them when you need them. Whether you're starting a new squad or looking for items to spruce up a current team, be sure to check this category often for plenty of new information.

Cheerleading Gear