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Article Highlight: Freshman Cheers for a Pep Rally

Pep rallies are a super fun way to show your school spirit while getting your classmates pumped for an exciting upcoming game or event. There are plenty of opportunities for cheerleaders to let each class show… Keep reading »

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Cheerleading slideshows offer you an excellent opportunity to find the information you need about cheerleading in a short and succinct format. Whether you're looking for a gallery of cheerleader looks and types or trying to find informative snippets of cheerleading life; cheerleading slideshows have what you need in a simple format.

Cheers for Every Occasion

If you're in a pinch and need that perfect cheer, you can simply visit a slideshow, print the cheer you want and go! You can also use these cheers for inspiration and change them to fit your squad's unique personality. Whether you're a cheer squad or a sports team looking for cheers, there's a fun chant for you.

Pictures of Cool Cheerleading Moves

Seeing images of new moves can help you learn the basics of cheerleading or add style to your typical dance routines and cheers for games and competitions.

Beginner's Moves

Start by learning several different motions you can incorporate into any cheer such as a "broken T" or "blades." Once you've got the motions down, you can start to explore cheer jumps you might use.

Difficult Stunts

Now that you've got the basics covered, it's time to start adding complex cheer stunts to make your routine look difficult and entertaining. Print out the slides using the print button on the bottom of the picture if you want to share them with your whole squad at practice.

College and Professional Cheerleaders

If you're on an advanced cheer squad, hoping to cheer for as long as possible, or need inspiration for upper level cheerleading routines, images of college and professional cheerleaders show you the extent of what's possible. A quick look through the college cheerleader gallery shows you different uniform and stunt options. Browse the NFL's hottest cheerleading squads like the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders to see makeup and facial expression ideas from the professionals.

Inspiring Cheerleading Images for Every Squad

Having pictures to look at coupled with informative and helpful text can inspire your own ideas for your squad. Seeing how a particular stunt is performed can help you more easily try new cheerleading feats on your own.

Cheerleading Pictures and Galleries