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Whether you're on a school cheerleading squad or part of a competitive team, incorporating stunts adds excitement to a cheer routine. LoveToKnow Cheerleading gives you tips on how to increase your core strength so you are physically fit enough to perform these demanding acrobatics, and guides you through motions for all kinds of cheers and stunts suitable for every age and skill level.

Types of Stunts for Cheerleaders

Stunts don't have to be advanced in nature in order to be impressive. Even basic stunts can capture an audience's attention as long as they're performed well. Once you've mastered the beginner stunts you can move on to something a little more challenging.

Beginner Stunts

  • Cheerleading Stretches: Before you attempt any stunt, build flexibility with these simple stretches. Flexibility makes stunts easier and helps you perform them flawlessly.
  • Easy Cheerleading Stunts: Some of the most basic cheerleading stunts include a shoulder sit, L stand and thigh stand.
  • Basket Toss: The basket toss is a basic, but slightly more advanced stunt that is used to build into difficult stunts, such as the double basket toss tuck.

Advanced Cheer Stunts

  • Bow and Arrow Cheerleading: Performing the bow and arrow flawlessly requires hours of practice and lots of flexibility. You'll learn how a flyer performs a vertical split position and the correct arm placement for the stunt.
  • Difficult Cheerleading Stunts: Add new elements to stunts to make them more difficult. Learn how to do a three-story 2:2:1 pyramid, which can really impress a crowd.
  • New Cheerleading Stunts: Whether your squad is going to Worlds and wants to perfect a wolf wall, or you're just looking for new stunt ideas, use these examples of some of the newest and most difficult stunts out there.
  • Cheerleading Scorpion: Only the best flyers can perform a point gathering scorpion in competition. Learn how to increase flexibility and safely position yourself into this move.

Improve Your Cheerleading

There are so many elements to learn to becoming an award-winning cheerleader that it can be overwhelming. LoveToKnow Cheerleading has gathered the inside tips and techniques that will help you learn basic or advanced stunts and really wow the crowd.

Cheerleading Stunts