Cheap Cheerleading Uniforms

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It would be great if your squad had unlimited funds to buy the newest and coolest cheerleading uniforms, but the reality is, most squads need to find cheap cheerleading uniforms. Even if you have your girls pay for their uniforms, you still want to look for something that will suit every budget.

Are Cheap Cheerleading Uniforms As Good As Expensive Ones

Often times, the word "cheap" carries the connotation of meaning poorly made. However, the good news is that there are other ways to cut corners and still have good looking uniforms.

Don't Customize Your Uniforms

You can save a bundle of cash if you don't customize your uniforms or keep the customization to a minimum. Granted, this means that your uniform may well simply just be in the school's colors without an additional mascot or the school letters, but you can still have nice looking uniforms. Keep in mind that if the school plans to keep the uniforms, you can have them customized the next year.

Go the Non-Traditional Route

You can also just buy the skirts and have girls wear an appropriately colored polo shirt. This has the advantage of being easier to keep clean, and polo shirts will always be cheaper than buying an entire uniform.

Preserve What You Do Buy

Another good way to make sure that your low cost uniforms stay looking good is to use them for their intended purpose only which is to cheer. Have the squad wear shorts and appropriate T-shirts declaring their support for their team and consider having them only wear the uniforms at the game. Encourage the girls to change right after the game to keep them in top shape. The less they're worn, the less wear and tear they endure and therefore, the better they look.

Where to Get Cheap Cheerleading Uniforms Wholesale

Getting cheerleading uniforms wholesale might be easier than you think. Here is a list of places that sell cheap cheerleading uniforms.

What can't you buy on these days? offers a few colors (changes occasionally) of shells and both a box skirt and an A-line style skirt. Prices range from $5.00 per piece, to $22.00 per piece. Even if you picked the most expensive option, $44.00 per uniform is still a good bargain.

Disadvantages: only sells one color of spankies, so you're going to have to go somewhere else if your uniform is not that color. They also may not have enough in stock to outfit your entire squad.

Cheer Deals

Cheer Deals may be slightly pricier, but the advantage is that they have several options. They definitely have a minimum order, but they offer semi-customized uniforms (select from pre-stocked logos), as well as just plain uniforms all for less than $50.00 per uniform. Out of the wholesale cheerleading uniform dealers, they definitely have one of the better selections.

GTM Sportswear

GTM Sports Wear offers a full selection of stock uniforms for less than $40.00 per uniform, not to mention the fact that they throw in a set of pom pons with every uniform. While this is not the cheapest option out there, it is probably the best quality for a uniform under $50.00.

Still Not Sure How To Pay for Uniforms?

If none of the above options seem to fit your budget, consider having the squad pay for their own uniforms. Many schools do this. Or better yet, look into having a fundraiser.

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Cheap Cheerleading Uniforms