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Cheap varsity jackets can be worn by football players, the basketball team and even cheerleaders. The purpose of a varsity jacket is to show off your school spirit and your chosen sport.

What to Look for in a Varsity Jacket

Although some people wait until their junior or senior year to purchase a high school varsity jacket, it actually makes much more sense to purchase one as a freshman. You're unlikely to wear a varsity jacket much after high school, so you will get the most wear out of your jacket by purchasing it early in your high school career. Be aware that some teens are still growing, so a jacket that is just a bit too large can offer some comfort room for that growth. Be sure to check each area of concern thoroughly to be sure your jacket will fit you well at least through high school.

Arm Length

The sleeves of the jacket should go all the way to the point where your hand and wrist connects. If it is a little longer, that is actually better since the jacket will have a tendency to ride up.

Wrist Cuffs

The wrist cuffs are often made out of snug, form-fitting ribbed material. Be certain that this area is not too tight on your wrists. You don't want to be uncomfortable when wearing your jacket.


The sleeves should allow enough room to raise your arms comfortably over your head without the leather pulling too tightly against your skin.


The jacket should sit comfortably just below your waist. Again, raise your arms and see how far the jacket rides up. Also try twisting side to side, standing on your tiptoes and squatting to make sure the jacket will be comfortable in all positions.

Zipper and Buttons

The zipper and buttons need to be durable. One of the problems with cheap varsity jackets can be in the construction and the materials. The last thing you want is a varsity jacket with a broken zipper that has to be dealt with or replaced. Any buttons should snap firmly into place, but be easy to unsnap as well.

Where to Find Cheap Varsity Jackets

There are many different places you can get a varsity jacket and still save money. One other option for saving money is to go with a wool jacket instead of leather.

Some really great deals on jackets are available at They offer both leather and wool jacket options. You'll also find zippered hood jackets; these can be a great complement to a cheerleading outfit and a nice alternative to more costly varsity jackets. This site offers a 100-percent satisfaction and price guarantee. So, if you find the same item for less money elsewhere, you can get a refund on the difference. Get some friends or your team together to order in larger quantities, and you can get even more of a discount.


LeatherUp is an amazingly cheap resource for varsity jackets. They have simple jackets for as low as $29.99. Although you won't get all the bells and whistles with these jackets, you can add patches and symbols on your own if you are on an extremely tight budget.

Final Thoughts on Varsity Jackets

Although you aren't likely to find many secondhand varsity jackets, keep your eyes open for sales at local sporting retailers. There are many nice leather and wool jackets that could serve as a varsity jacket with the addition of patches and insignia. Because varsity jackets are so personalized, it is unlikely that you'd even want to purchase a used jacket. The one exception might be inheriting a jacket from a cousin or sibling who has the same last name and has played similar sports. However, a varsity jacket is often kept as a memento, so you may want to invest a little more and get something you'll want to keep for years to come. You can keep the price lower on varsity jackets by adding less lettering or details and watching for sales and price matching opportunities.

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