Cheer Camp Wear

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About Cheer Camp Wear

What is the perfect cheer camp wear? Something that you can:

  • Get dirty
  • Move around in
  • Work out in
  • Sweat in

Cheer camp is intense, and you will be hard on your clothes. However, many teams get together and coordinate so that their spirit truly shines through!

Carry Your Stuff in Style
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One great way to work on solidarity between teammates is to get special matching cheer bags. Sometimes the school will provide these for you, and other times you'll need to purchase your own. However, nothing lets everyone know which team you're routing for better than walking off the bus with matching cheer bags.

Shirts With Attitude
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Make no mistake about it, you will work hard at cheer camp. You'll likely need at least two T-shirts per day that you are there. Why not make one of those T-shirts one that proclaims your love for cheerleading?

Cheer Shorts
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Believe it or not, short comfortable shorts are the best practice uniform for a cheerleading squad. Many squads will purposefully match shorts with school colors so that their uniformity stands out. However, remember that you'll need comfortable short shorts particularly if your squad stunts. You will also need one pair of shorts per day.

Cheer Shoes

If you can't afford anything else, you must afford good cheerleading shoes. Get the kind with stunting finger grips; your squad may already have a deal with a vendor to provide these for you. However, remember that shoes are the most important part of your uniform both for safety and for comfort!

Cheer Sweatshirt
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Although cheer camp is a lot of hard work, there is still time for play. Just remember that nights around the campfire in the summer months are often a little chilly.

Time for Zzzzzz's
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Cheerleading pillow cases are not necessary, but they are fun! Your squad can purchase some, but they can also make their own proclaiming the squad's true spirit throughout the camp.

Final Performance Uniform
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Believe it or not, your squad will want to plan their uniform for their final performance before you even get to camp. This uniform will need to be purchased and will be worn generally just once at camp - on that final day when you show what you've learned. Some squads just perform in their regular uniforms while others purchase special "practice uniforms" for cheer camp and less popular sporting events (to save their good uniforms for competing.)

Breathable and Flexible

Remember that when you're packing, the most important thing is to remember that you need clothing that is breathable and flexible. You must be able to tumble, stunt and cheer in whatever you wear. If you don't pay attention to that detail, cheer camp could be a miserable experience for you!

Now it's time to brush up on your cheer motions...

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