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When communicating with parents or your squad, adding clipart to your communications can really help bolster pride and spirit, not to mention that it makes your flyers look more professional. You can use cheer clipart on anything from flyers advertising a fundraiser you're holding to simple communication with your cheerleaders' parents.

Cheer Clipart for Communication

Use any of these resources to spice up your communication with both your squad and the parents. These images are designed to be downloaded onto your computer. (Make sure to check the site's Terms of Use policy.) Once they're on your computer, you can easily paste them into a document. If you need help downloading any of the clipart, check out these helpful tips.

Banners and Backgrounds

Cheer clipart for banners and backgrounds is designed to be used either across the top or along the side or bottom of your paper. It fills larger spaces. These kinds of scenes are great for doing flyers.

  • Banner Clipart: This site contains clipart that is useful for making banners or filling a large space. The page includes catchy phrases like, "Luv 2 Cheer."

Download Cheerleader Clip Art

Windows users: Right click on an image and save to your hard drive.

Mac users: Control + click on an image and save to your hard drive.

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Cheer Themed Bullet Points and Other Small Clipart

Use the pom pons as bullet points in a list that you're giving to the squad. You could also use lines to separate a parent letter from a form or slip that they have to return signed.

Clipart of Cheerleaders

These images are of cheerleaders performing various stunts or jumps. This cheer clipart is perfect for calls to tryout or squad announcements.

Spirit Word Clipart

This cheer clipart is eye catching and communicates a cheerleading related phrase.

  • Cheerleader: This page contains the word "cheerleader" written in a variety of interesting ways. It also has great graphics to use to announce cheerleading try outs!

Cheerleading Clipart for Clothing and Megaphones

Sportswear companies that are accustomed to dealing with schools may well have their own clipart gallery for a school to choose from. However, here are a few additional ideas for customizing your cheer wear:

  • Mascot Clipart: With a variety of mascots to choose from, you can add your team's mascot to your megaphone, bags or other accessories.
  • Miscellaneous Clipart: Searching for team T-shirts? You can use their clipart to order T-shirts from the company.

Important Message for Using Clipart off the Internet

The most important thing to remember about getting clipart off of the Internet is to check each site's terms of use. All of the clipart mentioned in this article that is for paper communication (as opposed to using a logo for a T-shirt or the Cheerleading Clipart CD) is free for using. Some sites ask that you e-mail them to let them know you're using their images, and other sites ask that you put a copyright notice at the bottom of your sheet to let others know where you got the images. If you're using someone else's clipart on your site, many sites ask that you use a link instead of the image and others are happy if you let them know you're using the image and provide a link to their page on your site.

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