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Cheer shoes are one of the most important aspects of any cheerleader's uniform. It's important that a cheerleader's shoes allow for athletic movement and comfort, as well as support the ankle and foot while she jumps, tumbles and performs stunts on the floor.

How to Select the Perfect Cheer Shoes

The most important factor in considering which shoe to choose for your squad is comfort. In general, the team should select a cheer shoe that is as lightweight as possible yet still offers maximum support. You also want to consider a shoe based on which types of skills your cheerleading team performs as well as for whom your team generally cheers.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

Not all shoes are designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor sports. If your squad cheers for your school year round, it is important to buy shoes that will accommodate outside surfaces.

Finger Grooves

Some cheerleading shoes come with finger grooves actually designed into the shoe. This provides maximum possible stability for the "flyer" while stunting.

Ankle Length

In general, ankle length cheerleader shoes are good for squads who do a lot of tumbling and stunting as well as dance routines and cheering. These teams need shoes that do not come up over the ankle. However, there are teams who prefer "high tops" that can add stability.

Basic Differences in Cheerleader Shoes

One of the key factors that you'll want to consider in choosing your cheer shoes is the skill level of your squad. If your squad is particularly good at tumbling, you need to look at shoes that are designed specifically for tumbling. Likewise, there are shoes especially for stunting with finger notches in the heel for added stability. If your squad is younger and less skilled, you may want to go with a cheaper fashion. There are numerous brands to choose from.


Adidas offers two cheer shoes that are perfect for beginning squads who will not be doing a lot of stunting or tumbling. Adidas cheer shoes are mid-range priced, and they will provide ample comfort and support for a cheerleader's feet.


Asic offers a good variety of cheer shoes ranging from the very reasonably priced to the high performance shoes. Their shoes feature GEL cushioning for extra comfort, and they also have a low profile for extra stability. Asics are especially good for squads who may do a lot of tumbling.


Kaepa is well known in the cheer world for their exceptional quality cheerleading shoes. All Kaepa shoes feature scalloped mid-soles for stability and finger notches to aid in stunting. There is such a wide variety of Kaepa cheer shoes that you could find a pair of Kaepa's regardless of your budget and needs. However, since they do have finger notches, this makes Kaepa an exceptional choice for a squad that does a lot of stunting.

New Balance

New Balance cheerleading shoes are the perfect choice for a squad that does a lot of dancing and cheering at games. They do offer a lot of support and extra cushioning.


This is the cheer shoe to beat all cheer shoes. Nfinity comes in a variety of styles. However, they do not have finger grips, and they are extremely lightweight; so much so that most girls prefer them while stunting or tumbling.


Nike is a tried and true brand, and many squads prefer Nike for this reason. While these shoes are great for dancing and jumping, they tend to be slightly on the bulky side to be preferable for tumbling.


Power brand offers a variety of cheer shoes. They have lower end shoes that simply provide support for beginning squads that might just cheer at games. They also make shoes that are designed with finger notches for squads that stunt.


Zephz shoes are perfect for beginning squads. They are not incredibly expensive, and they are well designed to add ample support.

Where to Shop

Below is a list of places where you can order your squads' shoes:

  • Kaepa stores sell Kaepa cheerleading shoes that are great for stunting.
  • Nfinity dubs itself the "official shoe of cheerleading" because their shoes have a sleek design, and they are great for tumbling and stunts.
  • Omni Cheer offers a variety of brands and styles from lower budget shoes to high performance models for today's All Star squads.
  • Cheer and Pom offers a variety of styles including sneakers for dance squads as well.
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