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Whether you are creating a website for your squad or making a poster, you'll want a nice selection of cheerleader graphics to help get the job done.

Where to Use Cheerleader Graphics

There are many ways and places you can incorporate cheerleader graphics.

  • Squad Website: Many of today's cheerleading squads have their own websites to help promote the squad, share news with squad members or post photos and other items about the team cheerleaders. The Internet is filled with some really wonderful graphics of pom poms and even animated cheerleading clipart that can help you easily design a unique website.
  • Posters to Promote a Big Game: Since there have been cheerleaders and ball games, there have been school posters to promote the big game. If the opponent is from a town called Carmel, you might see sayings such as "Chew up Carmel". If the other team is the Hornets, you might see "Swat the Hornets" and a graphic of a big fly swatter. With this in mind, just about any graphic imaginable can become part of a poster. Get tons of choices at sites like
  • Fundraiser Flyers: Cheerleading can be an expensive sport. Music compilations, choreographers to create unique routines, jazzy uniforms, special shoes and trips to competitions all add up. On top of all these costs, some schools do not support cheerleaders attending away games, and the squad leader or coach has to plan and pay for the squad's own transportation. Most squads have some sort of fundraiser to help cover some of these costs. Flyers are an excellent way to get the word out about a fundraiser. A car wash fundraiser might call for a cheerleader graphic of a megaphone and a word such as "Announcing" to get the word out.
  • Scrapbook: Probably one of the most popular uses of cheerleader graphics and clipart is in a scrapbook an individual cheerleader creates of her cheer career. Cheerleading scrapbook papers can really enhance the events of a cheerleader's life and showcase photos of friends and games, so that the memories last a lifetime.
  • Uniforms and Apparel: Another great place to use cheerleader graphics is on uniforms and T-shirts. The school mascot is an obvious choice, but a megaphone, pom poms or other cheerleader graphics can work really well on a solid-colored T-shirt or as a smaller logo on a cheer uniform.
  • Cheerleading Wallpaper: Show your school spirit by turning your computer desktop into a display for your cheerleading pursuits. Use some of the graphics listed below to create your own wallpaper or use ready-made wallpaper of a specific squad.

Places to Find Graphics for Cheerleading

There are far too many free and inexpensive resources for cheer clipart to list them all in one article. A few of the more popular include:

  • Graphics Hunt - Completely free graphics. You'll find some really unique pics at this site including a dog in full cheer uniform. They have funny, serious and just plain spirited graphics.
  • Free Clip Art Pictures - Looking for graphics of cheer people? This site has a really nice selection of cheerleaders in different colored uniforms. Male and female cheerleader graphics are featured.
  • J. Rett - The great thing about these graphic sets is that they are perfect for scrapbooking or decorating a flyer or poster. Choose from a variety of color schemes to match your school colors.
  • Cheer Graphics 2 You - Custom cheerleading graphics. You'll find animated graphic signs. Contact them to get the graphics customized. They also offer a free chant from time to time, so be sure to check back often.
  • Melissa's Cheer Corner - This site is broken down by specific categories such as megaphones, pom poms, football, basketball and general cheer images.

There are probably as many different cheer graphics as there are ways to use those images. Remember the overall school spirit you are trying to exhibit, and then use the sites listed above to locate the graphics you need.

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