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cheerleading apparel

While a uniform is generally ordered and supplied by the cheerleading organization, there are many other types of cheerleading apparel and accessory items an active cheerleader needs. In addition, there are debates over this apparel of which every coach should be aware.

Shopping for Apparel

While there may be shops in your local area that specialize in sports apparel like this, selections or sizes may be limited. Shopping online offers a wider range of styles, sizes and options from which to choose. Start your search with some of the following vendors. offers online purchasing or you can request a copy of their print catalog to shop for assorted types of gear and garments for your cheerleading needs. offers early bird specials and package deals to make outfitting squads more affordable, or items can be ordered as needed by each member of the cheerleading team. They offer both custom and in-stock uniforms in sizes ranging from YXS to A5L as well as accessory items such as shoes, megaphones and pom poms.

Team Cheer

V-Neck Cheerleading Shell at
V-Neck Cheerleading Shell

With an inventory of items ranging from uniforms to practice wear to warm-ups or shoes, Team Cheer is a full service source for cheerleading outfits and accessories. You can feel comfortable about shopping here because they have an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and offer a lowest price guarantee. Use their fundraising options to defray some of the costs of outfitting a squad, and their easy order kit option to make selecting and ordering apparel easy and hassle-free. If you need to have items custom designed, they can handle that for you as well.

Cheer Zone

Browse the Cheer Zone selection of shorts, shirts, skirts and body suits or purchase apparel like socks and briefs. No matter how large or small your needs, Cheer Zone probably has an item in stock that is just what you need. Save money by shopping their closeout specials or order a print catalog to check out their entire line of cheerleading clothing.

Campus Teamwear

Some special features offered by Campus Teamwear are scratch off donation cards to get your team the highest yield on their fundraising efforts and a 125% lowest price guarantee. If you are looking for the latest team wear offerings from Chasse, you'll find them here. Choose from items like shirts, shorts, uniforms or warmups.

Team Sportswear

No more worries about high set-up fees or minimum order levels when you shop for your cheerleading squad's clothing and accessories at TeamSportswear. Shipping is free on qualifying orders, and they offer custom services as well as in-stock items and related sportswear. A nice bonus offered here is a video tutorial on how to design your team's uniforms and a special discount on the orders of team packages.

The Cheerleading Source

Your team purchasing dollars will go further when you shop at The Cheerleading Source and take advantage of their special incentives. Some key perks to check out are team quantity discounts, free shipping on qualified orders, and the free basic t-shirt offer. In addition to these customer bonuses, The Cheerleading Source offers a huge line of clothing, underwear and outerwear, footwear and accessory items to help you outfit any size of cheerleading squad.


If you are looking for the best fitting, most comfortable cotton gym shorts for your team, Soffe is considered to be one of the premiere vendors for this type of apparel. Shop their current line or special collections for all your cheerleading clothing needs. Sizes range from youth to teen to adult, and the deal of the day is a great way to economize on those must-have purchases.

Just for Kix

For team wear that moves with the body and feels comfortable even during the longest games, check out Just for Kix. Some types of team wear available here are dresses, cheer shorts, crop tops and much more.

Elaine's Cheer Gear

Choose from several customizable garments for camp, warming up or cheering at games or browse the ready-to-wear selections from Elaine's Cheer Gear. Special features offered here include screen printing and embroidery. Check out the closeouts, special sales, and package deals for additional savings.

Types of Apparel


Asics Cheerleading Shoes
Asics Cheerleading Shoes

In general, standard issue cheerleading apparel includes:

  • Spankies
  • A reversible skirt
  • A vest or demi-vest, also referred to as a shell
  • A turtleneck body suit and/or a sweater for cold weather games
  • Cheerleading shoes

Various squads have different rules regarding what to wear during practice. While some squads will have girls purchase warm up uniforms or practice uniforms, other squads will simply require tight fitting clothing for practice.

Camp Uniforms

Camp uniforms are optional. Sometimes the camp actually provides the squad with the appropriate cheerleading apparel for camp. Other times, a squad may decide to provide their cheerleaders with camp uniforms to promote squad unity. (It should also be noted that at some camps, cheerleaders simply wear their own school uniforms.)

Generally, camp uniforms consist of a team T-shirt or tank top and sports bra. In addition, girls wear biker shorts or cheerleading shorts for practice. Generally, a team will try to get shorts and a shirt in its school's color. Camp uniforms can then be used for practice.

Warm Up Uniforms

If cheerleaders are going to perform and cheer during inclement weather it's important that the squad has good warm up uniforms. While it might seem like a good idea to just tell the girls to wear sweats, you don't want your squad looking mismatched and different on the night of the big game. Instead, purchase warm up pants or matching sweats and warm up jackets at the beginning of the year. This way, if the big game happens to fall on the same night as the first big snowstorm, your squad still looks great.

Personalizing with Accessories

No girl is complete without her accessories, but keep in mind that jewelry is a big no-no when it comes to cheerleading. With the exception of very small stud earrings, jewelry (including rings, earrings or necklaces) posts a safety hazard.

Bows, matching socks, gloves and pom pons on shoes are all acceptable in terms of making the squads look complete and dressing up their uniforms. Whether your cheerleading apparel consists of full wardrobes with all the accessory items and glitz or just the bare bones basics, the attitude and spirit of the team is ultimately the most important component of any cheerleading squad.

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