Cheerleading Appliques

Cheerleading appliques for the wall.
Cheerleading appliques add spirit and fun!

When it comes to declaring your love for all things cheerleading, there are various ways in which you can use cheerleading appliqués. Whether they are the chenille kind to go on a letterman jacket, or patches for your uniform, cheerleading appliqués can really spice up your look.

Types of Cheerleading Appliqués

Appliqués can add a little spirit to all of your clothing, your megaphone or even your wall. Surprisingly, there are several types available. What you should buy depends on where you want to express your love for all things spirit related.

Cheerleading Wall Appliqués

Don't have any clothing you feel like jazzing up with appliqués? They aren't just for clothes. Wall appliqués or decals let you decorate any of your spaces with your enthusiasm for cheering. From your bedroom wall to your locker, wall decals really brighten up a place and help bring that enthusiasm that's so necessary for a cheerleader. Before applying a decal to the wall, always check with an adult that the space is okay. Most stickers and decals can be removed without damaging the wall surface. However, it's always a good idea to check first by reading the package directions. Also, make sure that the wall or surface is very clean, as that will help the appliqué adhere better. If you are looking for cheerleading appliqués for the wall, you can check out:

Chenille Appliqué Patches

You can actually buy appliqué patches to add to your clothing. Some squads choose to do this in unison, selecting a particular patch like a megaphone, customizing it, and then wearing the patch on their letterman jackets. The thing to remember is that appliqués are heavy, and as such, they are best suited for clothing that is also heavy, such as a sweatshirt or jacket. Sometimes, patches are used on uniforms as well. They usually need to be sewn on professionally.

Embroidery Appliqué Patches

Embroidered appliqués are some of the most common types of appliqué patches offered. Embroidered patches are generally smaller and are suited to sweatshirts, t-shirts, or weight jackets. You can simply iron on many embroidered patches. If you cannot iron on the appliqué, you can sew it on by pinning the patch in place first and then using a simple whip stitch to sew around the edges. If you find that you're not the sewing type, invest in a product called Stitch Witchery, which will allow you to glue the patch in place. Of course, you can also choose to have it professionally sewn on. If your squad opts for one look, having the appliqué sewn on professionally will ensure that everyone's patches look the same.

Caring for Clothing with Appliqués

Generally, clothing with patches needs special care. Some appliquéd clothing, such as a letterman jacket or a uniform, may need to be dry cleaned. At the very least, clothing with appliqués should be washed with like colors on the delicate cycle. This will ensure that your patch will stay in place without crinkling or fraying at the edges.

Cheerleading appliqués can be a great way to really pep up your clothing, your wall, or even your locker. Have fun with your appliqués and make sure to take extra gentle care of any clothing to which you attach an appliqué.

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Cheerleading Appliques