Cheerleading Backgrounds

After you find the perfect background, add images and other information to your cheerleading website, such as this fun photo.

Cheerleading backgrounds can make your website more interesting and tie into your overall cheer theme. Whether you use a free online website service, such as, or you simply want to jazz up your My space layout, there are thousands of backgrounds from which you can choose.

Types of Cheerleading Backgrounds

Your cheerleading website should be as unique as you are and reflect your personal style and an overall theme. There are many different types of cheerleading backgrounds.

Faded Cheerleading Images

One type of background that can be very interesting is a faded image background. This is typically a white or light colored background with the faint appearance of an object, such as pom poms, a megaphone or school mascot clipart. This can be a fun place to use your school's specific colors, in a faded version and then brighter hues of your school's colors for the text on your page.

MySpace Themes

There are more My space themes than you could possibly imagine. A quick search for the terms "cheerleading" and "My space themes" pulls up a huge variety of themes. Some are professionally created for others to use, and some are user created and will simply offer you some ideas and inspiration. Try sites such as Cool Chaser for some unique ideas.

Cheerleading Sets

One of the easiest ways to have a put-together look for your website is to use a set of cheerleader images. You can create your own webpage with a domain name by purchasing server space. The cost is probably a lot less than you'd expect. You can then purchase themes at sites such as Pixel Mill. These plug in and use type themes create a very professional look.

Custom Backgrounds and Graphics

Know a great artist? Ask him or her to create your very own personalized graphics to use on your website. This can range from an image that you pull up in Photoshop and fade out, to a full range of graphics. Some artists are able to draw on a tablet and upload images directly into the computer. This too can create a wonderful set of graphics to really make your site personal and interesting.

The Final Look

As you have probably guessed, there are so many different choices in background themes that it can be hard to decide on which theme works best. Here are a few things to consider when making a final decision:

  • Does the background image reflect what your school stands for?
  • Are the colors correct for your school colors or do they reflect your own personal color choices?
  • Is the background an image you can live with long term, or are you going to have to search for a new one in a few weeks and start the entire process over again?
  • Is it unique, or have you seen the same background on numerous other websites?
  • Is the image free or inexpensive enough to make sense for your needs?
  • Do you absolutely love the background? If not, keep looking.

If you go through this process and still haven't found the background of your dreams, you may want to consider personalizing the image even further by hiring a professional. Fine art students at universities are often looking for work to add to the portfolio that they must complete to graduate. Although you may have to pay a little, students often work much cheaper than professional artists because they need the work to help them gain experience. A young college student will also have many hip and fresh ideas that may reflect your own personal tastes. If you can find an art student who was or is a cheerleader, you may have met your perfect artistic match.

Whatever background you choose, your family, friends and fans are certain to love the look.

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