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Cheerleading Cartoons

Cheerleading Cartoons

From funny to political, cartoons provide a fun medium for making an important point. These free, original cheerleading cartoons can be used with squads of all ages for entertainment or education.

Cartoons For Cheerleaders

A cartoon is typically described as a one-dimensional image or set of images intended to be unrealistic, satirical, or humorous. A simple, exaggerated picture of a cheerleading or a comic strip depicting some aspect of cheerleading can be useful in teaching skills. Common places to use cheerleading cartoons include:

  • Team-building exercises
  • Funding presentations
  • Newsletters
  • School spirit banners
  • Cheer camp

Literally Speaking

This comic-strip style cartoon portrays what happens when cheerleaders take terms too literally. There is an entire vocabulary associated with cheerleading as a sport, and it is important for the entire squad to understand these terms. Use this cartoon in a presentation when teaching cheer fundamentals or as bonus material when learning a new routine.

Literally Speaking cheerleading cartoon

Taking Direction Too Well

Following directions is an integral part of cheerleading as there are many ways for squad members to get hurt in stunts and routines. This fun spoof on when taking direction goes a bit too far can be used in newsletters or when discussing the importance of communication.

Taking Direction Too Well cheerleading cartoon

Where's The Autocorrect?

Cheerleaders spell, a lot. Typically, they spell as a team, not as individuals, which can add difficulty to a seemingly simple skill. This cartoon can help cheerleaders remember not to take themselves too seriously. After all, their job is to entertain. Add this cartoon to handouts with the words for cheers to add humor and a lesson in paying attention.

Where's The Autocorrect cheerleading cartoon

Where To Find Cheerleading Cartoons

Cartoons about cheerleading are not abundant or easy to find. Everything from clipart to comic strips fit into this category so keep an open mind when looking for useful images. There are many online tools anyone can use to add text to clipart images.

  • Classroom Clipart: Features over 10 pages of cartoon clipart images of cheerleaders ranging in age from tiny to adult. Male and female cheerleader images can be found along with a wide variety of poses.
  • Vecteezy: Images of cheerleaders and cheerleading equipment are available for download, many of which include words and phrases.
  • Dozens of animated cheerleading clipart images are available from standard to sexy.

Laugh Out Loud

Cartoons incorporate a sense of humor with an illustrated message. Cheerleaders and coaches will love laughing at their own follies with fun cartoons that could resemble real situations.

Cheerleading Cartoons