Cheerleading Chants

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Unlike longer cheers and routines, cheerleading chants are typically short, quick and very much to the point. Whether you need a quick filler in between plays, some fast encouragement to urge your team on to victory or a cute cheer that will be easy for your squad to remember, you can find a chant to fit your needs.

Chants for Various Sports

There are as many types of cheerleading chants as there are sports and cheerleading squads.

Basketball Chants

Basketball lends itself to quick chants and sayings to encourage your team and sometimes discourage the other team. Some of the more popular basketball chants include sayings such as:

We're the best We won't be beat Look out (other team's name) For your defeat!

You'll find many other ideas for basketball chants at these websites:

  • Zemmer West Basketball Cheerleading Chants offers chants for when your team is playing offense or defense. Most of the chants on this site are for offense, but there are still many usable and short chants that you'll enjoy.

Football Chants

One of best loved sports for cheerleading, there are numerous quick and simple football cheers that qualify as a chant. Football chants are also called terrace chants and are used around the world at football and football-like sporting events. Here are just a few of the better cheerleading chants for you to try:

  • LiveAbout offers over a dozen chants and cheers for different sports including football and basketball. There are also a couple that could be adapted to other sports.
  • Fan Chants offers the ability to listen to different football cheers and chants. No longer do you have to look at words on a page and try to figure out the rhythm for the cheer. Simply listen to the cheer a few times and you should quickly pick it up and be able to share the new chant with others.

Softball and Baseball Chants

Many of the softball teams now get together and come up with their own cheers and chants to entertain fans and get their team in the spirit to win the game. These chants make a great alternative to singing one more chorus of "Take Me Out to the Ballpark".

Funny Chants

Looking for a humorous chant that will entertain the crowds? Many squads actually make up their own chants based on something funny that has happened to their team or incidents that the fans think are humorous. However, there are a few tried and true funny chants that your sports team and fans will likely enjoy. These chants can also be a lot of fun to perform!

Make Up Your Own Chants

There are plenty of chants you can use to spur on your favorite teams, but don't hesitate to make up your own chants that are tailored to them. Just be sure to show good sportsmanship and keep your chants positive.

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