Where to Buy Cheerleading Competition Hair Pieces

Roller wave cheerleading competition hair piece
Roller wave competition hair piece

Traditionally, cheerleading squads match. Each girl wears the same uniform, shoes, hair bows, eye makeup and even has the same hairstyle. Since harmony of appearance is vital to the team, some squads require cheerleading hair pieces to ensure that all the girls have the same hairdo. After all, one girl might have chin-length hair, while the next has hair halfway down her back. A hair piece ensures all the hairdos are as close as possible. There are several places that provide hair pieces for cheerleaders.

Hair for Cheer

Hairforcheer.com is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of hair pieces geared specifically to cheerleaders. The company has been around for over a decade. They use synthetic, non-flammable materials. One of the advantages of buying from this company is that they create the hairpieces to match competition rules. If the hairpiece cannot be over a certain length, you'll be assured that a hairpiece purchased from Cheerleader Hairpieces will meet the guidelines. In addition, they offer a service where you can mail in a piece of hair or a photo of your hair for them to match your hair color. They also provide color rings, if you need to match colors for an entire squad. If you're ordering more than 20 hair pieces, inquire about a discount of around $1.00 per bun cover on non-sale items.

Types of pieces available from this site include:

  • Roller Wave for a loosely curled ponytail.
  • Spiral Curl, which is one of the most common styles seen at competitions. Available in youth and teen sizes.
  • Flip Style for a casual look or messy bun.

Cheer Swirls

CheerSwirls.com also specializes in hairpieces made exclusively for cheerleading. The pieces are selected by former cheerleaders, so you'll know they are exactly what other cheerleaders wear. If you are unsure of what color to choose, Cheer Swirls offers a toll-free telephone service where they will help you match your hair color to a hairpiece color. They offer 45 different color choices, so finding one that matches your hair color should be simple. One of the nicest features of this particular brand of hair piece is how easy it is to don. Simply put your own hair in a bun, then place the cover over the bun. There are two combs on either side that are inserted into your hair and a drawstring that pulls the cover tightly around your own bun, creating a completely natural look. Types of hairpieces available from Cheer Swirls are all on a single ordering page and include styles such as:

  • Spiral curls ponytail with tight, perfectly formed curls.
  • Junior pigtails with tight spiral curls and two bun covers.
  • Straight flip ponytail for a straight, thick look.

The Hair Lady

Scrunchy bun
Scrunchie bun

Janise Crow, also known as The Hair Lady, offers hairpieces for cheerleaders, dancers and majorettes. Since different squads like different types of attachments, Crow's site features drawstrings, clips, elastics, and combs and clips. She has a method she will share with those ordering from her that will alleviate any worries over hair pieces coming off while you are tumbling. The hairpieces come in 86 different color choices, including pieces with dual shades for those with highlighted hair. Styles available include:

Make Sure the Piece Is for Cheerleading

Many retailers offer hair pieces for general purchase, but in this case you'll want to make sure you purchase a piece made specifically for cheerleading. Pieces that do not meet competition guidelines may result in point deductions and keep your team from winning, and they may not provide a secure enough fit to stay on while performing. However, hair pieces are an easy way to make sure all the cheerleaders have hair that looks nice without a lot of prep time.

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Where to Buy Cheerleading Competition Hair Pieces