Cheerleading Exercises

Cheerleaders should exercise to keep in shape.

Cheerleading exercises are important to help keep cheerleaders in shape and to help prevent injury. It is fairly physically demanding to cheer through an entire game, or do the equivalent of a two minute sprint during a cheerleading routine. On top of that, most cheerleaders need to keep in shape for tumbling and stunts as well.

Common Cheerleading Exercises

There is no one correct regimen for exercising if you're a cheerleader. There are a variety of exercises and activities that cheerleaders can enjoy to help them stay in shape. If your squad has trainers then they should provide you with some ideas on how to stay in shape. Also remember that it's not uncommon for squads to do aerobic exercise together in addition to any time they spend rehearsing. In general, you should assume that the more competitive and elite your squad is, the more time you will give to staying in shape in addition to practicing.


Cheerleaders generally perform routines that require a high amount of energy for about two minutes and consequently they need to be in tip top shape. Many squads will run together but if your squad doesn't do this, you should go ahead and run or jog on your own. You're not training for a marathon so don't over do it. Remember too that you'll have strenuous practices so you don't need to do extra exercise on those days beyond what's required in practice.


Cheerleaders have to be very flexible to perform the stunts and tumbling that's required. It's important that you stretch daily to maintain and improve your flexibility. If you are a flyer whose required to hit those scorpions and liberties, you probably want to practice hitting those every day so that you are picture perfect come performance time. In addition, the splits is considered a basic cheerleading skill and should be practiced regularly. Remember that injuries start to happen when you are not properly warmed up and you haven't properly stretched. To avoid common injuries liked sprained ankles and pulled muscles make sure that you do those stretches!

Weight Training

If your squad has a personal or athletic trainer, chances are good that the trainer will want you to do a little weight training. Weight training can help flyers be able to stay stiff and hold positions. Of course weight training is essential to bases who need to hold up an entire pyramid. Make sure you don't skip out on your weight training as it really does come in handy!

Cheerleading Exercises to Improve Cheerleading Skills

The long and short of it is that cheerleading exercises help cheerleaders improve their overall performance. You shouldn't work out on a day when you're already practicing but you should make sure that you're doing any prescribed cheerleading exercises so that you are in top form for all of your performances. If your squad doesn't have a trainer and you need some ideas on what to do, try one of the following sites for helpful advice and demonstrations:

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Cheerleading Exercises