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Finding unique cheerleading gifts for the holidays or special occasions can be tricky. While you can always get something standard, it's nice when you can find that perfect gift for the cheerleader in your life. The best gifts demonstrate the giver's consideration in choosing them. Whether you go with something bought, or something homemade, the recipient will be pleased to know that you put so much thought into her gift when you give something spirit related.

Thoughtful Cheerleading Gifts

While these gifts are not necessarily spirit related, they are things that your cheerleader is sure to appreciate.

Hair Appointment

Hair Care

Does the cheerleader in your life have a big competition coming up? Perhaps she might like a day at the hair salon compliments of you. Getting her hair done just right can make a cheerleader feel more confident, and of course, it's important she look her best for competition. Offer to treat her to her favorite place for extra primping. She'll definitely thank you.


Who doesn't love having a manicure? Treat your favorite cheerleader to a nail appointment. Of course the polish doesn't have to be spirit themed, but keep in mind that there are lots of decals, colors and other options for that perfect peppy manicure. She can either get her nails painted in school colors. There are also cheerleading nail decals that can be applied.

Workout Wear

Cheerleaders work super hard and most squads require practice several times a week, if not every day. Staying in shape is not easy, but you can make it a little easier on your cheerleader by giving her some comfortable workout clothes. Soffe shorts or practice clothing of a similar brand make an excellent and pragmatic gift.

Voice Care Package

A cheerleader is not only dependent on her ability to keep her movements sharp and crisp, but she also needs to keep her voice in tiptop shape. With that in mind, get your cheerleader a basket filled with things like tea and Vitamin C lozenges for those nights cheering outside on the sidelines of a football game. Cold nights and lots of yelling can really wreak havoc with the vocal cords; she will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness after a game.

Homemade Cheer Gifts

If you're short on cash, you can always go with something homemade to show your cheerleader how special she is.

Spirit Soap

Spirt Soap

By using melt and pour soap kits from your local craft store, you don't even need a soap making recipe in order to create a one of a kind gift for your cheerleader. Get something in the squad's team colors or consider adding a little trinket like pom pons or a megaphone while you're setting the mold.

Picture Frames

Gather those great candid shots and pull out some supplies to make some cheer inspired photo frames. Pictures of fond memories make great gifts for your teammates whether it's Christmas, or the end of the year banquet.

Spirit Charm Bracelet

Another neat tradition to start with your team is to give out charm bracelets at the beginning of a cheerleader's career and then choose a charm for each year or major event that she completes. It's a great way to savor memories of camp, homecoming and competition!

Cheerleading-Themed Gifts

What die-hard cheerleading fan doesn't love her megaphone earrings or spirit themed towel? Get the cheerleader in your life something that shouts out her true allegiance.


Every time she writes a note she'll think of the person who gave her great cheerleading stationery. A place like Cheer Zone has everything you would need, from pens to papers. Stationery makes a great gift for someone going away to cheerleading camp.


Among other gifts for the sports fanatic, Chalktalk has one of the best lines of cheerleader jewelry around. They carry standby favorites such as hook earrings shaped like megaphones and have a variety of pendants, key chains, and even cheerleading "dog tags."

Cheerleading Decor

Decor for either a locker or a bedroom makes a great cheerleading gift -- particularly for the junior high school cheerleader. Just Her Sports makes shopping easy by offering a selection of things like pillowcases, wall hangings, and even cheerleading themed hair brushes.

The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for a cheerleader in your life will let her know how special she is to you and how much you support all of her hard work and effort. Remember that the best cheerleading gifts are not always the ones that are bought from the store. It is possible to make a gift instead and it may even be appreciated more.

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