Cheerleading Hair Bows

Cheerleading bows usually match the team's colors.

Out of all the gear that cheerleaders don for the big game or competition, cheerleading hair bows are among the most creative and interesting. Almost every squad wears hair bows at some point, and most teams want every girl to wear the same bow and similar hairstyles for a symmetrical look. In addition to cheerleaders, dance squads often wear matching bows.

Three Kinds of Hair Bows for Cheerleaders

There are several different types of cheerleading hair bows and styles.

Coated Elastic Band with Bow Attachment

This is probably one of the most common types of cheerleading hair bows worn. This type of hair bow consists of a coated elastic hair band with a bow attached. The bow can come in a variety of styles and colors, but typically matches the cheerleading uniforms of the squad. They come in the following styles:

  • Cartwheel hair bows
  • Ribbons
  • Pyramid hair bows
  • Flyer cheerleading hair pieces
  • Stunt bows
  • Victory bows
  • Pom pom hair bows
  • Pigtail victory bows
  • Dagger hair bows
  • Tabletop hair bows
  • Bow tie hair bows
  • Pinwheel bows

You can purchase these types of hair bows at the following online retailers:

  • Campus Teamwear: This site offers many new, cutting edge styles including metallic bows, bows with streamers, jumbo performance bows, and fun prints.
  • Cheer Bows Etc.: This site offers some really cute bows including pinwheel bows. Take a look at the different combinations of colors and how they contrast. You'll even find lettered team bows and bows with polka dots.


Many cheerleaders like to wear their hair in a messy bun or a simple ponytail while practicing and even at games. It is a quick and sporty look that works well for a cheerleader busy with school and cheerleading practice. Scrunchies with ribbons can create the look of a cheer bow in a simple but functional way. These bows can be purchased online or made with a simple coated elastic band and strips of ribbon or fabric tied all the way around. The only drawback to scrunchies is that they tend to become loose when performing jumps and stunts. You can buy ready-made hair scrunchies or make them yourself.


Ribbons can be used in a wide variety of ways and as a simple hair bow. Tie ribbons around pigtails or ponytails to cover the elastic bands. Ribbons can also be used to tie hair back from face or woven into braids. Ribbons can be purchased at just about any retailer that has a hair bow section or found online at a wide variety of retailers. Ribbons can also be found at fabric stores.

Tips to Keep Your Bow in Place

No matter which type of hair bow you decide upon, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind as you choose an elastic band or barrette. If your hair is extremely thick, you may want to use a barrette that can just be clipped over the top of an existing ponytail. If your hair is finer, it might be better to have an elastic hair band bow that can be wrapped around the hair multiple times as opposed to a scrunchie. You can also simply tie bows around your finished ponytail. However you secure your bow to your head, practice your routine wearing it to make sure it will stay on during competition.

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