Cheerleading Hairstyles

Cute Cheerleading Hairstyles

Cheerleading hairstyles should be pretty and practical, keeping your hair securely out of the way while you perform.

Although the traditional look of two ponytails is as cute as ever, there are several variations to ponytails that can set your squad apart. Play around with the position of the ponytails, or add dimension with curls. To create this low, two ponytail look, also called "pigtails," part hair down the center from forehead to nape of the neck. Gather one side, combing until the hair is smooth and straight. Secure that section of hair just below the ear with a hair elastic. Repeat with the other side. Add ribbons or bows in your school colors to show team spirit.

High Pigtails

A cute look for younger cheerleaders are two, high pigtails. To create this look, part the hair down the middle from forehead to the nape of the neck. Brush or comb one side, holding the hair in one hand and lifting it up as you brush until it rests just above the ear. You can also place the pigtails higher on the head for a crazier look. Some squads even tease extremely high ponytails. Secure with a covered elastic hair band. Repeat with the other side. The hair can be curled or left straight and bows in team colors added for additional impact.

Basic Ponytail

The ponytail with a bow is a very traditional cheerleading hairdo. When it comes to ponytails, there are a lot of things you can do to make them interesting.

The basic ponytail is simple to create. Gather all the hair to the back of the head, comb through until the hair is taught and smooth and secure in place. The variations begin with the placement of the ponytail. It can be placed high on the back of the head, in the middle, or low on the nape of the neck. Ponytails can even be swept around to one side of the head.

High Ponytail with Strand Wraparound

If your squad isn't into bows and ribbons, then a high ponytail with a strand of hair wrapped around is an elegant but fun look. Gather all the hair high at the back of the head and brush the sides until they are smooth and hair is tight. Pull loose a 2-inch section of hair from underneath the ponytail. Brush again if necessary to smooth the hair that is still gathered. Secure hair with an elastic hair band. Next, divide the ponytail in half and tug each section outward to widen the base of the ponytail. Wrap the loose strand of hair around the elastic band and secure in place with a bobbypin on the underside of the ponytail.

Side-Swept French Braid into Pony or Bun

A tightly braided French braid will be secure enough for stunts, tumbling and jumps, but still create a look that stands out from other hairstyles. To create this look, separate hair from ear to ear. Secure the back part of the hair loosely with a hair clasp to keep it out of the way. Brush the front section to one side and pull three small strands loose from the middle. Begin pulling in small pieces from left and then right, braiding as you go into a French braid. Once the front section is braided, secure with an elastic band. Let the back section free and brush into either a bun or a ponytail. Wrap the braid around your head and join it with the ponytail. Secure together.

Half Up/Half Down

Although this hairdo has been around as long as cheerleaders have been leading fans in chants, it is worth mentioning as a good standby. To create this look, part hair around from temple to temple and gather the top half back from your face. Secure at the back of your head with an elastic band. Add interest with features like a quiffed front, adding curls to the updo portion, or adding a big bow.

Fishtail Braid

If most of the cheerleaders on a squad have long hair, fishtail braids can serve as another hairdo option. Pull the hair to the back of the head as though creating a ponytail. Instead of securing in place, devide the hair into two sections. Pull a small, one-inch wide strand from the back of the right side strand. Pull the loose strand around the right side and over to the left side. Repeat by pulling a strand loose on the left side and pulling around and into the right side. Every few strands, pull the braid as tight as possible. It will take quite a while to work all the way to the bottom of the strands, but the results can be worth it. Secure at the bottom with a hair elastic.

Messy French Twist

Updos are cute on cheerleaders and even those with short hair can create a look that almost matches the other cheerleaders. This casual variation on an elegant French twist is perfect for a Friday night football game. Gather hair at the nape of the neck. Make sure the hair is tight and smooth by combing or brushing the sides, top and back. Twist the gathered hair, pull up toward the top-back of the head. Near the top, secure with bobby pins or a barrette, leaving the top loose and sticking out. For those with extremely long hair, you may have to twist up, down and back up to create the look. Secure the twist with multiple bobby pins to ensure it will stay in place during activity.

Short Hair Rocks with a Bow or Two

The best hairdo for short hair is to pull back one side or the other and add a bow. Gather as much loose hair as possible on the crown of your head and secure with a small elastic band. Attach the bow and use bobby pins to smooth down the hair and hold the bow in place.

Whether your hair is long or short, worn up or down, one thing that is important is that you look put together and that your hairdo matches your team attitude. Most of these styles allow you the option to easily add a cheerleading hair bow or some curl for a different look each time you cheer.

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