Cheerleading Motivational Quotes

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Use cheerleading motivational quotes to support your favorite cheerleader as she gets ready for a big competition or game. Motivational quotes can help remind cheerleaders why they should work hard in practice, how tough their sport is, and what an impact they can have on the teams they cheer for. At the end of each season, you can even ask your cheerleaders to come up with their own quotes to pass on to the future cheerleaders, creating a cycle of inspiration.

Types of Cheerleading Motivational Quotes

Choosing the right quote to motivate a cheerleader or team depends largely on the circumstances of the event. You might want to choose a lighthearted quote for a cheerleader who is cheering in her first game, or a more inspirational quote for a cheerleader overcoming an injury.

Motivational Quotes for Action

Sometimes a team or team member needs motivation for action. This type of quote helps get the intended cheerleader fired up to hit the field with spirit and a smile:

"Wimps lift weights, cheerleaders lift people!" --unknown author

"Cheer-ability is a talent for deciding something quickly and getting everyone in the stadium doing it." --unknown author

Motivational Quotes to Inspire

When your team seems a little worn around the edges, or if they're tired of hearing that cheering isn't a sport, they may need a little reminder that their role on the field or on the court is priceless. In these instances, give them a quote for inspiration:

"Simply because we do not run across goal lines, slam dunk basketballs, or hit home runs, doesn't mean we can't change the score." -unknown author

Silly Motivational Quotes

For the cheerleader who is always up for a laugh, motivate her with a dose of her own medicine: "To cheer or not to cheer? What a stupid question!!" --cheerchick101

How to Use Motivational Quotes

Delivering a motivational quote effectively depends largely on your relationship to the cheerleader or cheerleaders in question.

As a parent or sibling, deliver the quote in a thoughtful card or note before the event. This will let the cheerleader know how much you care, without overwhelming or smothering her.

If you're the head cheerleader looking to motivate your teammates, consider giving a pregame speech or organize a pregame dinner in order to deliver a motivational pep talk. You could even make necklaces or T-shirts together as a reminder of the quote you chose.

And if you're the cheer coach, never underestimate the power of your words and take every opportunity to lift up and motivate your team. If your team has lockers, start a quotation chain at the beginning of the year, tying a piece of ribbon to each locker. Before every game or event, attach a new motivational quote to the ribbon as a reminder of everything you all are working toward together.

Keep in mind that that attitude in which you deliver a motivational quote can affect the way the cheerleader receives it. Sometimes in the heat of competition, a word of motivation is delivered in a tone or with an attitude that is anything but motivational. When a cheerleader feels defeated, down or unsuccessful, a smile and a pat on the back might go a lot further than anything you could say.

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