Cheerleading Music Mixes

Cheerleading music mixes provide fun and upbeat music.

Since most squads perform dances at some point in their routines or half-time shows, cheerleading music mixes have taken on a new flavor. You'll find everything from a mix of rap and rock to a little classical music thrown in for good measure, although classical will usually be rocked out a bit.

How to Choose Cheerleading Music Mixes

With so many different options from which to choose, how can you know which music mix is right for your squad? The best place to start is to simply ask squad members if there is a theme or piece of music that they feel defines their role as cheerleaders. This can create a starting point for your music mix. Perhaps the squad members like the latest hit by their favorite musician. In this case, you might start with a short segment of his latest release, add in some songs that have a similar theme, and then come back full circle and end with another song by the same artist. However, keep in mind copywright issues in mind.

It can be wise to enlist the help of a musician to give feedback and advice about whether the different tracks flow well together and if the transitions between each song are smooth or not. If there is not someone available to give this feedback, you can hire a professional mixing service that will mix your music for you.

Make sure the songs you choose have a strong beat and some up tempos as well as low tempos. There should be moments in the mix where things crescendo, and you can create dramatic stunts to highlight those musical moments. By the same token, there should be moments in the music mix when the tempo slows down and grows softer so you can recover and prepare for the next stunt or dance move.

Try to pick music that makes sense for your squad. If your cheerleaders are very modern, don't choose 1950's music. It will seem out of place. Also, the cheerleaders may not be as enthusiastic about performing if they don't like the music. By the same token, don't choose FloRIDa's latest hit as your centerpiece in the music mix if your cheerleaders cheer for an ultra conservative school.

Where to Find Music Mixes for Cheerleading

There are many companies and websites dedicated to providing cheerleading music mixes for squads. Here are just a few online companies that provide this service:

  • Cheer Music Club: Need music in a hurry? You can choose and download some of today's hottest hits remixes in as little as one to seven days.
  • Custom Cheer Mix: This site offers cheer music samples so you can decide what you want. For as little as $150.00, you can get a 40 second music mix, voice over, sound effects and 2 CDs. One revision is included. Longer routines or rush orders cost a little more.

Another option is to have someone with recording or editing equipment put together a remix CD for your squad. This often doesn't have as professional of an edge, but it's fine for games or local events. If your squad is on a budget and needs a CD for competition that your team can't afford, this can be another option.

Whether you purchase a ready-made CD, buy a custom mix or make your own, be sure you have plenty of backup copies. There is nothing worse than learning a routine to a CD, only to have that CD damaged or lost and have to start over. The second remix may never be exactly the same as the initial one.

A Few Final Tips

If you are choosing music for a cheerleading competition, try to get a unique music mix. There is nothing worse than doing a routine to the same song mix another squad has chosen. Not only will it seem stale and unoriginal, but the judges may too closely compare your routine with that of the other squad.

Never mix different genres of music as it can create tempo problems. For example, don't choose an R & B hit and match it to a country ballad.

Have fun choosing music that speaks to your heart and soul. You're sure to find a mix that will be a hit with cheerleaders and fans alike.

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