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When your squad decides to have their dance music professionally mixed and customized, it's important to get cheerleading music samples from any companies with whom you are considering doing business.

Why You Should Ask for Cheerleading Music Samples

Anyone who is reputable in the business will offer free samples if they know you are seriously considering using their services. There are several things to look for when you are listening to samples.

Do you like the music?

Each company is going to have their own style. While some specialize in mostly hip-hop, others use mostly pop while some prefer to diversify. Some jockeys may be accustomed to dealing with younger squads. A professional company will offer you a free sample that will not only be representative of their work, but will also be appropriate for your squad.

Does the sample sound good?

Quality is obviously a huge factor when deciding which company to work with. If you don't feel like the cheerleading music sample that they give you is of the highest quality, you shouldn't go with that company. Don't accept the excuse that it's just a "sample" either. Just a sample should be all the more reason to provide you the best first impression possible.

Do they have good customer service?

If the company delays in responding to your requests, can't really answer all of your questions, or doesn't seem pleasant and easy to deal with, find someone else to do your custom cheer mix. Your dance music needs to reflect the personality of the team and therefore will require someone who is willing to really work with you to obtain the desired results.

What You Shouldn't Do With Your Sample

It bears mentioning that unless the company gives you exclusive rights to do so, you shouldn't use the sample as your own. First of all, using a sample that hundreds and perhaps thousands of other squads have access to is likely to mean that someone else is going to have your music at a competition. Secondly, it speaks poorly of your squad's integrity. With that said, there are places that offer free samples that also give you permission to use those samples as you wish. A word to the wise though, don't think that you'll save your squad money by using a sample for competition lest the squad before you have the same sample!

Sites That Offer Cheerleading Music Samples

There are many sites that offer free downloads and cheerleading music samples. You can use the samples for practice, for a routine or for a home game (pending approval from the site). You'll also get a feel for the company, and this can help you decide whether or not you want to use them to mix your tape for competition.

  • Custom Cheer Mix: This site offers six samples that are available for downloading. Samples are full length, and are intended to give you a feel for the company's style and their diversity.
  • Cheerleading Music Mix: This site offers one free sample for downloading and several other samples to give you a good idea of their versatility and style.
  • Cheer Mom Cheerleading Music: This site is worth mentioning first because they do offer three samples, one of which is free for use. However, it's also notable that when they mix songs, they remove the bad language.
  • CheerCD has numerous samples that you can download and preview before you buy. The site requires a free registration, and you cannot use the samples other than to listen and choose music.
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Cheerleading Music Samples