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Using cheerleading wallpaper for your computer desktop can show your school spirit or even just your love for the sport. Every time you turn your computer on, you'll be reminded about why you are so passionate about cheerleading.

Ideas for Decorating Your Computer with Cheerleading Wallpaper

There are many different ways you can utilize cheerleading related wallpaper and screen savers for your computer, and there is no need to limit yourself to only pictures of your own cheerleading squad. Here are a few ideas about how to show your cheer spirit:


  • School colors
  • School mascot
  • Cheerleading graphics, such as pom poms
  • Screensaver with school fight song lyrics
  • Favorite cheer squad

Where to Find Wallpaper for Cheerleaders

There are a wide number of sites online that offer quality cheerleader graphics, wallpaper and screensavers at zero cost. However, there are just as many sites that are laden with pop ups and even some with viruses. It can be a challenge to simply do a Google search and find quality wallpaper. With that in mind, LoveToKnow has listed some of the best sites available with cheerleader wallpaper:

  • Sports Desktop Nexus offers wallpapers for many different sports, including cheerleading. The focus here is more on specific squads, so if you are creating a page for your school cheer team, you may want to try elsewhere.
  • FanPop offers several different desktop wallpapers of specific cheer squads and cheerleading mascots.

Create Your Own Designs

Most of the designs available for cheerleading wallpaper feature famous cheer squads. The selection of wallpapers with more generic cheer graphics is quite sparse. If you're not a fan of any of the available desktop wallpapers, you do have another option. It is fairly simple to create your own designs on your desktop computer with a basic photo editing program and a little creativity. Use existing free images for the easiest designs. Just remember that if you use images created by others, you cannot resell or distribute the finished wallpaper to others. The wallpaper will be for your own personal use.

You can also use pictures of your squad to create tiles or a full-screen image, photos of your mascot, the school logo and other items that remind you of cheerleading.

Directions for Using Your Own Image as Wallpaper

These directions are for Windows Vista. Earlier versions of Windows will work in a similar manner, but with slight variations.

  1. While on your desktop, right click your mouse.
  2. Choose "Personalize" in the gray box that pops up.
  3. Click the gray "Browse" button and navigate to the image you just created or the photograph you want to use for your desktop wallpaper.
  4. Choose how the picture should be positioned.
  5. Click "Okay".

You have several options on appearance. You can choose a stretched tile that makes the image fit the full screen, a series of tiles or the image centered with a colored background. The colored background option might be a good place to add in your school colors for a little added spirit.

Cheerleading wallpaper can enhance your computer using experience and give your desktop a personal flair. Why not give it a try?

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