Cheers Fastpitch Softball

Fastpitch Softball

When it comes to creative cheers fastpitch softball is a sport with some of the most imaginative and energetic out there. Just as the pitch is more direct than the lob of slowpitch, the cheers can be a bit more biting and sarcastic. Whether created by the fans or the players, they draw on pop culture, wordplay, rhythm and sometimes even melody to get the spirit of the team energized.

Cheers Fastpitch Softball Style

Just as is stated in the name, fastpitch softball is fast. The pitchers still throw underhand, but there is no arc required in the throw; as a result, the balls come whipping in at up to seventy miles per hour. The wind milling motion of the windup is like a finely tuned machine, and the strikes and hits come a lot faster. For this reason, better safety equipment is needed, especially for the catcher. Since the entire game is dominated by the skill of the pitcher, the field itself is smaller - only 200 feet to the center field wall. In some ways, it's not just the pitch that is faster; everything is faster.

The rules themselves are more like the even faster cousin, baseball, in that foul balls aren't counted as strikes if the batter already has two strikes under her belt. Believe it or not, this simple rule can translate into some unique cheers fastpitch softball fans repeat year after year. When you add the base-stealing rule - as long as the runner keeps a foot on base until the pitcher throws the ball - you really have the opportunity for some funny chants.

Create Your Own Fastpitch Cheers

Example One

A strategy used in developing cheers for fastpitch softball is to follow the model of the military cadence. These cheers follow a very efficient delivery model: call-and-repeat. Hey there mommy, can't you see, (crowd repeats)

What Coach Miller's doin' to me, (crowd repeats)

My arm is sore, can't get no rest, (crowd repeats)

It makes our fastpitch team the the best, (crowd repeats)

First base! (crowd repeats)

Second base! (crowd repeats)



Example Two

One advantage of this military style of chant is that it allows for change based on the differing rules of fastpitch. For example, instead of calling for base hits when their team is at bat, a crowd could call:

Swing high, swing low, one-two-three-strikes-out…TOO SLOW!

Example Three

For a situation where there is a base about to be stolen:The cops are coming, have you heard?

The cops are coming, she's stealin' third!

WOO! WOO! (imitate siren noises)

In fact, this particular example is a gold mine of new material simply because the odds are that there is someone in the stands listening to the cheer who will have some idea of how to improve it for the next game.

More fastpitch cheer material can be created through altering the lyrics to popular songs or movie soundtracks.

Fastpitch Cheers Are Fun

The cheers fastpitch softball fans come up with change constantly, with only the best staying around season after season. Start the new season right by writing down your favorites and adding more to your repertoire each season.

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Cheers Fastpitch Softball