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Are you looking for new cheers and chants to impress the crowd at this year's pep rallies? If so, you've come to the right place. LoveToKnow Cheerleading has new cheers for all occasions!

Cheers and Chants for Pep Rallies

Your first pep rally of the year is one of the most important because it essentially introduces the fans to their players and to the cheerleading squad. You may want to do one hello cheer, to introduce the crowd to any new players, but you'll also want to use some crowd involvement cheers like the ones that follow:

Crowd Participation Chant

Have one cheerleader shout in a megaphone and a few more cheer with the head cheerleader. Have the rest of the squad cheering with the fans or actually positioned in the crowd to lead the response.

Hey fans!

Hey what?

Hey fans!

Hey what?

Ya got spirit?

Hey yeah!

Ya got spirit?

Hey yeah!

Lemme HEAR IT!

At this point, the cheerleaders cheering with the crowd should encourage the crowd to stomp their feet, and scream and clap loudly. If you want to have a class competition, consider dividing the bleachers in half and seeing which half can cheer more loudly.

Stomping and Clapping to the Beat

Cheers that involve stomping and clapping always get the crowd involved. They also have a neat effect when the whole crowd is cheering and stomping in the bleachers. When doing cheers like this, it is important to over exaggerate the stomping to make them as loud as possible. You should also clap by cupping your hands instead of clapping with flat hands.

We've got the moves, we're in the groove
Now lemme hear your (team name such as Warrior) spirit!

Stomp, clap-clap, stomp, clap
Stomp, clap-clap, stomp, clap

We won't stop till we reach the top
Now lemme hear your (team name again) spirit!

Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, clap
Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, clap

We've got the muscle, watch our hustle
Now lemme hear your (team name again) spirit!

Heeeeeeey! (Long and exaggerated going from a high pitched voice to a lower pitch), Stomp, stomp

Ooooooooohh! (Shout in the same manner going from high pitched to low pitched.) Stomp, stomp

Now Go Warriors!

End the cheer with jumps and clapping to get the crowd excited.

Cheers Mixed in a Dance Routine

Many squads like to try to mix some cheering into their dance routine. There are a few ways to do this, but you have to be careful and make sure that the cheer doesn't get lost in the dance routine.

Put Cheers or a Shout Out at the Beginning

One way to put cheers and chants into your routines is to do the cheer at the beginning before the music starts. You can use the cheer to get into formation and begin the routine with a stunt. For example:

C'mon Warriors! Insert your team name in place of warriors.
(Move into a two line, staggered formation where each squad member can be seen. If your squad is large, you can use several lines.)

Let's get together!
(Use cheer motions that will go with the cheer. At this point you should still be in a staggered line formation.)

Let's show this town. . .
(Begin moving into formation to do a pyramid.)

We're better than ever!
(Load the stunt on "we're better" and hit the pyramid on "than ever".)

Now the music can start with a basket toss and the squad can continue performing the routine.

More Cheering and Chanting Tips

Here are a few things to remember when you're performing chants and other cheerleading routines:

  • You must be heard! Have one squad member use the megaphone and, if possible, stand on a platform.
  • Clap with cupped hands. Clapping with cupped hands means that the audience will hear your beat better.
  • Exaggerate your movements and motions. By exaggerate, you don't want to look goofy, but keep in mind that it's hard to hear and see at the very top of the bleachers so you want to be pronounced enough so that these spectators can participate too.
  • Expect that if you want to teach the crowd a new cheer and chant, you'll have to perform it more than a few times before it will catch on.
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