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In the world of cheerleading there are two definite types of cheer. Competitive cheer focuses more on stunting, tumbling and dance moves. It is rare to hear an actual cheer or chant at this type of cheerleading event. However, there is also the world of school cheer, where chants back and forth between competing teams are quite common and often part of the fun of being at a school game. Try heckling the opposing team with these original cheers and chants.

Cheers Opposing the Other Team

The key to a good competitive cheer is to keep it positive and not too snarky. You want to pump up your own team and fans while reminding the opposition that they face a tough competitor.

We Will Dominate You

Our boys excel (ready position, touchdown)
Our team's unreal (broken T, T)
Run away scared (run in place and put hands up to mouth with fearful look)
We will dominate you! (right K, left K)

Our school's on top (touchdown with fingers pointing toward ceiling)
Eagles (opposing team) will flop (low touchdown)
Run away scared (run in place and put hands up to mouth with fearful look)
We will dominate you! (right K, left K)

Be Afraid

Raiders are first (Ready position with right punch with forefinger raised to show number one)
We're never last (shake head no and place hands on hips)
Win or lose (right L)
We have a blast (left L)

Our reputation precedes us (daggers)
Be afraid (right punch)
Be very afraid (left punch)

Frightened (touchdown)
Alarmed (T)
You will be disarmed (low touchdown)

Terrified (daggers)
Uneasy (ready position)
Are you feeling queasy? (rub stomach with right hand)

Spooked (right punch)
Distressed (left punch)
Look out, you'll be a mess (hands on hips, turn in circle)

Our reputation precedes us (daggers)
Be afraid (right punch)
Be, be afraid (stomp, stomp, left punch)

(end with toe touch jump)

Ahh, Watch Out!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh (start with arms at sides and raise them up and into a touchdown as you increase the word ahh in volume)
Watch out! (broken T, punch forward)

Hornets are the team (ready position, daggers)
You'll run in fear and scream (run in a circle and lift right hand to mouth)
Hornets are number one (right punch with forefinger held up in number one motion)
We excel at fun! (right K, left K)

When you see us play (make motion for whatever sport you're cheering for, such as dribbling a basketball or catching a football)
Watch out! (broken T, punch forward)
Get outta the way! (stomp forward, low touchdown)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (repeat motions from first section)
Watch out!

Freak out! (place hands on head and then lower into broken T with palms open and facing up)
We shout! (cups hands at your mouth like you are shouting)
Now, we're out! (cross arms in hip-hop motion at chest and cheerleaders lean in pairs on each other's backs)

Chants for Competing Squads

Chants are generally shorter and more repetitive than cheers. Use these chants when you have a short break in the game.


We are the Warriors (point to self and then go into high V)
The score big Warriors (broken T, low touchdown)
Our boys rock (right L)
Go ahead and gawk (left L)
(Repeat two more times)

Go Warriors! (jump of choice)

It Just Happens

We can't explain it (hold hands up at shoulder level with palms facing up and shrug)
Why we always win (ready position, right punch)
We just know it happens (right L, left L)
Again and again (right K, left K)

It just happens (broken T, high V)
Badgers make it happen (broken T, low V)
It just happens! (high V)

We Won

This chant will vary based on what your team has won in the past. Highlight the successes from your school's recent history in the sport.

We went to state (ready position to low touchdown)
We won the region (broken T, high touchdown)

We beat your team (broken T, right punch)
Three times last year (ready position, left punch with three fingers held up or whatever makes sense for your personal team numbers)

We won the games (right K)
We won the trophies (left K)
We won the medals (right K)

Here's our diagnosis (punch forward)
We're number one (right punch with forefinger held up in number one symbol)
We're number one (herkie jump)

Keep It In Good Taste

While having a cheer or two ready for opposing teams is a good idea, keep it in good fun. Chants like the one seen in Bring It On in which the cheerleaders tell the other squad they'll pump their gas one day probably are not the best way to build good rapport with a competing cheer squad. Fun cheers that focus on your team's traits are the best choice as they show good sportsmanship without insulting anyone.

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