Competitive Softball Cheers

Competitive Softball Cheers NOW!

Competitive softball cheers can focus on either batters or pitchers, and are usually designed to unnerve the other player:

"Boo-YA! Boo-YA! Pitcher's gonna DO ya! Can't dance, can't sing, Go on take another swing!"

Psyching Out the Pitcher

To psych out the pitcher, something like this might work:

"Hey there, pitcher, Take a look at that! Our little (player's name) is comin' to bat! She's the hardest hitter that you ever seen Too bad you pitch like a washing machine!"

A Softball "Walkin'" Cheer

Some cheers go with events during the game:

"She's walkin', yes indeed! We're talkin', about your team! Didn't even need to swing! Hey there, pitcher, We're on first!"

Cheering Against a Pop Fly

A pop fly may go either way, and the cheer reflects the result of the catch:

" catcher no catcher no catcher no catcher..." (repeat until the ball comes down) (if caught) "Hisssssssss...Lucky!" (if dropped) "WOOT WOOT! So sad, too bad!"

Another Batter Cheer

"Pitch it slow, pitch it fast You know you're arm ain't gonna last! Pitch it high, pitch it low, 'Round the bases she will go!"

Team Cheers

Some cheers are designed to encourage the other team to play harder, rather than just trying to make the other players nervous.

"Hey, hey, whaddaya say? All you (team's name) wanna come play? We're bringin' our game down on you all, Bring on yours, let's play some ball!"

Batter Cheer with Kisses

"Hey, batter, no batter, better not miss," (repeat) (batter misses) "Oh so sad!" (make loud kissing noise) (batter hits) "Lucky little batter, lucky little kiss" (quick, short kissing noise)

Belittling the Pitcher a Bit

While cheers try to stay positive, they also can skirt the edge of being insulting to some degree:

"Where's your Mom? Where's your Dad? You're the saddest pitcher (city name)'s ever seen! Send you a postcard, send you a letter, Send you back home so you can pitch better!"

Trying to Get a Strike Out

Trying to encourage the batter to strike out is an easy target:

"And-a-one! And-a-two! And...a...THREE! Swing and a miss is what we're gonna see! Strike-first, strike-second, strike-the-third, That batter hits like...(pause) a really bad word!"

Cheering Your Own Batter

Cheering FOR your own batter is also a great way to liven up a game:

"Hey there (player's name) comin' to bat! Showin' that pitcher just where it's at, You're the best, you're the best, you're the best batter! Knock that slooow pitch right back at 'er!"

Team and Individual Cheers

Combining team with individual cheers is a way to keep variety as well:

"She's got cleats, got a cool hat, Now your batter needs to learn how to bat! Send her home! Send her to school! Doesn't she know that OUR team rules!?!"

Song Quotes for Cheers

Another common source for cool softball cheers is pop music by people such as Michael Jackson:

"Easy as A-B-C, simple as Doh-Ray-Mee, Strike'er'out 1-2-3, Baby you got BEAT!"

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