Where to Buy Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

Customized cheerleader uniform

With the competitive nature of cheering these days, custom cheerleading uniforms are almost a necessity for any serious minded squad. From team logos and monograms to team and cheerleader names, there are many different aspects of a customized look that will make your squad stand out from the crowd.

Places to Purchase Custom Uniforms


Varsity has an entire section that allows coaches to create custom uniforms and matching warm-ups and practice wear. You must register with the site as a coach before you begin customizing your uniforms. After registering, choose a style in the style guide such as a V-skirt with shell top, and then customize it with your school colors, names, mascots and more. Varsity allows you to:

  • Design the costume online
  • Choose colors
  • Customize one part or several
  • Save your design

They do want you to connect with a representative after you've come up with the initial design. The rep will go over your options with you, make sure the design is the way you want it, and give you a final price based on the number of uniforms you're ordering. The more uniforms you order, the lower the price will be.

Although they don't publicize their prices, they are well respected in the cheerleading community for quality uniforms for schools. To save time, coaches have the option to simply contact Varsity and the company will assign a representative to help with designing the uniform, give a quote based on the number of uniforms needed, and provide help placing the order.


Cheerleading.com offers a uniform design tool as well as stock uniform packages. Custom designs allow you to:

  • Cheerleading.com Design Tool
    Cheerleading.com Design Tool
    Choose the skirt
  • Choose the shell
  • Add striping in the colors of your choice

There are five levels of packages in the custom collection. Each level has different shell and skirt designs. The prices for these customized uniforms range from $59.99 to $99.99.

With each level, the detailing on the shells and skirts is a little more intricate. This site also offers stock uniforms starting at $44.95, so expect to pay at least $15.00 more for a custom uniform.

Team Cheer

Team Cheer also offers both stock and custom cheer uniforms. This site sells shells and skirts separately so you can mix and match them in any way you want. Custom uniforms are sold the same way. You'll design the skirt and then the shell. Some samples of custom prices:

  • Soar Shell: Long-sleeved shell that features the mascot name and custom colors in an intricate pattern, for $41.99.
  • Star Skirt: Skirt with a star-shaped cutout at the bottom. Two strips can feature custom colors. The Star skirt is priced at $34.99.
  • Pop Shell: Sleeveless shell with metallic trim, for $34.99.
  • Alleson Mini Half Pleat Skirt: The top half of this skirt is straight and the lower half is pleated. Customize with one color on the top half and a different color on the bottom with a solid band of color separating the two. The skirt retails for $39.99.

By comparison, off the rack options on this site start at $7.99 for a shell and $11.99 for a skirt and go up to $39.99 for a detailed shell and $32.99 for a box pleated skirt.

Cheer Etc.

Custom Shell and Skirt Set from Cheer Etc.
Custom Shell and Skirt Set from Cheer Etc.

Cheer Etc. is a smaller company, but they offer a nice selection of off the rack styles that can be customized in small ways for as low as $49.00 a set. This can be extremely helpful to smaller schools or schools with a tight uniform budget.

If you need additional customization on the same styles, this site offers sets priced at:

  • $89.00 each for 8 to 24 uniforms
  • $84.00 each for 25 to 48 uniforms

Although there are other packages available, it is unusual to need a larger number of uniforms for a single squad.

Team Sportswear

Team Sportswear offers easy to customize cheerleading uniforms. You don't have to place a minimum order and you don't have to pay a set up fee if you need a custom logo or design. You can purchase skirts and shells separately or go with one of the uniform packages for a complete look.

One drawback to shopping here is that they are limited in the styles available. There are about eight different shell patterns from which to choose and about eleven different skirts. They can all be mixed or matched though, so you can create a lot of different combinations. You can customize the shells with logos and lettering, but the skirts are only available in specific color combinations. Here are a few of the designs available:

  • Aerial Cheer Shell from Team Sportswear
    Aerial Cheer Shell from Team Sportswear
    Two Color A-Line Cheer Skirt with Trim: Skirt with double stripe pattern. One stripe is white and one is in a coordinating color to the skirt. These skirts run $30.79.
  • Box Pleated Skirt with Contrast Colored Pleat: Pleated skirt with two colors. One color is on the outside pleats and the other color on the inside pleats. This style costs $31.79.
  • Scorpion Cheer Shell with Five Stripe Trim: This sleeveless shell has a V-shaped trim around the neckline and a straight, five-stripe trim along the waist. Customize with lettering across the bodice. Prices start at $32.49.
  • Lotus Figure Fit Top: Long-sleeved shell with three contrasting colors in bands down the arms. The bodice has diagonal color strips and is solid-colored from the chest down to the waist. Personalize with team name for only $52.49.

The site does offer a 25% discount if you order ten pieces at a time.

Cheer Deals

Cheer Deals offers custom cheerleading uniforms starting as low as $50 a set, including a team monogram. If you order 10 or more uniforms you'll get free shipping. The site also offers custom warm ups. These uniforms are a bit trendier than some of the other offerings out there and would be well suited for a cheer squad that dances during basketball season halftime shows. The designs can include:

  • Cheer Deals Shell
    Cheer Deals Shell
    Metallic bands and accent colors
  • Bold geometric designs
  • Rhinestones and other bling

The site also features custom team bows, zebra poms and specialty practice wear. All the uniforms on this site are custom, but they do have a section that shows what uniforms are in stock and can be shipped quickly.

There is a good selection of uniform pieces and sets, such as:

  • Men's Uniforms: Tops, pants, and shorts for male cheerleaders are available, at a cost of about $46-$49 per piece.
  • Unishell: V-neck, long-sleeved top with full back. Choose from full length or midriff styles. $70-$95, depending on fabric and accent choices.
  • One-Piece Jumper: Available in youth and adult sizes, the single piece jumper is available in 22 colors and includes a free monogram. This is the least expensive option at about $40.

The amount of customization determines the cost. If you only want a simple uniform with custom colors, the $40 jumper will give you that. If you want more detail, names and additional trim, the price goes up with each added feature.

What Schools Customize

While the main focus is typically on the skirt and top of the uniform, there are many different elements of a uniform and accessories that can be customized.


The uniform itself can be customized in a number of ways that are cost effective, but can still help your squad stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ideas:

  • Colors: Your school colors should be represented on your uniform in some way. For example, a school whose colors are gold and black might opt for an all gold or all black uniform or a combination of the two colors.
  • Design: Some uniforms have several geometric stripes in various patterns that create a unique look. For example, one uniform might have a stripe crossing the bodice and blending into a solid colored skirt, while another may be one solid color with a thin stripe horizontally across the midriff.
  • Style: Instead of a typical pleated skirt, your team might choose a straight skirt or even cheer shorts. For cooler weather, there are cute pants that look similar to jazz pants and create a streamlined, modern look. Other choices include bare midriff or one-piece uniforms.
  • Monograms: Monograms are often just the first name of the cheerleader. You can place the monogram where you want, or in unusual places for an even more distinctive look. For example, place the name down the side of the skirt or splash it across the cheerleader's back. Another way to make the look unique is to vary the colors of the stitching and the font size and style used.
  • Team Name or Mascot: If names or initials are not for your team, or the team wants to reuse the uniforms for different cheerleaders, you may want to consider using a general team name monogram instead of specific names. This can be the initials of the school, such as HHS for Henry High School. Or, you can use the team name, such as Hornets. Some schools even use a logo of the mascot such as a big yellow and black hornet.


There are many different accessories that can further customize the look of the your uniform. Try to add some of the following to complete your team's look:

  • Pom Poms in vibrant school colors
  • Customized jackets
  • Customized cheer shoes
  • Customized hair bows and scrunchies

Be Unique

The sky is the limit in how you can make your uniforms look unique. Just use your imagination and sense of style, and your squad is sure to create a uniform that no one else can match.

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