Custom Made Cheerleading Music

Custom Made Cheerleading Music

Custom made cheerleading music can be the difference between a good routine and a winning powerhouse performance. In spite of the extra cost and the feeling by many coaches and cheerleaders alike that they could just do it themselves for free, getting customized cheerleading music from a professional has many advantages.

Originality in a Sea of Copycats

In many articles about coming up with cheers, over and over the mantra is repeated: Do not just use these cheers. Use these as a model, and create your own for your squad. The reason for this is that copying cheers runs the risk of doing the same cheer as another squad, whether at a game or competition.

With music, it's even more risky. Everyone wants to use the latest, catchiest tunes, and with reason; those are the songs that will get people excited and moving. However, simply by virtue of being so popular, there's even more likelihood that your cheerleaders would choose the same great song as your rival. The difference comes then not in what song you pick, but how you play it.

That's where the custom cheer music companies come in. Run by professional musicians and sound engineers, they will twist and tweak the popular songs of today with the great hits of yesterday like a professional dance DJ mixing beats and re-creating the song in a new form. However, there is even more that a good music maker can do for you.

Advantages of Custom Made Cheerleading Music

With the many CD burners and programs like iTunes coming with computers, it may seem a simple thing to just create your own music mix, and there's nothing wrong with that, especially for small schools or squads that aren't planning on doing a lot of competition. However, getting your music custom made for your team gives you a lot of benefits that aren't easily duplicated on a home computer.

  • Precise Timing: One of the first questions that a cheerleading music producer is going to ask is "How long?" They're not only asking how long your full routine is; they want to know what kinds of counts your moves and stunts will be, when you will be cheering or dancing in between them. They will tailor the music to match those segments.
  • Song Choice: Professionals are licensed to use the music they mix, so your school will avoid potential legal entanglements by using custom made music. Aside from being able to provide your squad with the music you want to perform to, professionals can also provide you with a wider choice, making suggestions of complimentary music that you may not have heard before.
  • Quick Revisions: Most song producers will also provide you with the opportunity to listen to "rough drafts" of the songs, and fine-tune the songs so that they are perfect for your routine.
  • Professional Sound Technology: Cheer music companies use professional mixing equipment, ensuring high-quality sound, studio sound effects, voice overs, equalizing and other elements of sound design not available to most consumers. Using these will really make your music stand out from the crowd at any cheer competition.

Where to Find Custom Music

Creating custom made cheerleading music has become a big business, and there are many companies on the web that are happy to help you out. While this may seem daunting, there are ways to weed out the good from the bad:

  • Look for samples. Cheerleading Music has simple players on their web page that let you listen to various styles, mixed in with voice overs, and you can get a good idea of their work.
  • Look for satisfied customers. Custom Mixes has, rather than samples, a recording of all the messages they've gotten from satisfied customers that makes it a good reason to hire them for your mix.
  • Look for other solid businesses. Custom Cheer Mix has live help available on their site, accreditation and a very thorough and complete website for their customers.

All the websites make sure that the mix they produce for your squad is unique (some even ask you to "reserve" your competition date early to avoid even a chance of similarity). With custom music and the strong spirit of your squad, there's no doubt that your routine is going to shine.

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Custom Made Cheerleading Music