Cute Cheers and Chants for Kids Football

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Cute Football Cheers and Chants

Keeping the cheers cute and supportive is the key to a successful cheerleading squad. The following cheers are perfect for kids' football games.

Helmet, football and pom pon

Let's Go Team

Let's Go Team
G-O Go! clap, clap
G-O Go! stomp, stomp
Let's Go Team
And win this thing!

Young football player

We Are Mighty

We are mighty!
We are strong!
We're fierce on the field,
And we can't be wrong!

When we pass and when we run
We all have fun
'Cause we're number one!

Catching the football

Today We Win

Today we win!
Tomorrow we defeat!
No matter how you slice it,
We just can't be beat!

Littlest football player

We've Got Skills

We don't win by luck,
We don't win by chance.
We've got the skills!
(Emphasize the "s" at the end of the world skills)

We pass the ball,
We punt and kick,
'Cuz we've got the skills!
(Emphasize the "s" at the end of the word skills)

We practice hard,
We love football,
But we win games
'Cuz we've got the skills!



With this cheer you can insert anything for touchdown such as a field goal, a first down, etc.

Touchdown, touchdown
We wanna touchdown!

We love racking up
All those points!

Little league football players and cheerleaders; Copyright Susan Leggett at

A Great Attitude Leads to Good Fun

Kids' cheerleading can be a lot of fun, but it's important to remember to not let competitiveness get the better of you. Guide the cheerleaders in chants and cheers that are supportive of your own team, but be careful never to make fun of the other team.

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Cute Cheers and Chants for Kids Football