Cute Hello Cheers

Get Their Attention!

Use cute hello cheers to introduce your squad to the other team, to introduce yourselves to your student body, or to introduce the team you're cheering for to the student body. Hello cheers should be done at the beginning of a game or pep rally and should generally be used to show good sportsmanship rather than razzing the other team.

Hello to You Today

We are here to say Hello!
I'm (insert name of cheerleader here).

Go through your entire squad and have each cheerleader say her name and do a jump. The rest of the squad can clap in a rhythm to help keep the pace and bring order to the cheer.

A Cheer for the Other Side

Sometimes you might want a cute cheer to greet the other side or engage them in cheering before the game. It makes them feel welcome and helps keep things positive.

We are the Spartans (or whatever your team name is)
And we're here to say
Hello to you
And welcome
We're glad you're here today!

Finish the cheer with a timed jump or stunt.

We Can't Be Beat

Make sure that any cheer you do that engages the opponents is appropriate and promotes good sportsmanship. With that said, having fans cheer each other out before the game can be a lot of fun!

We are blue and white (or whatever your school colors are)
Who are you? Who are you?

The other squad should answer as such:

We are red and gold
Shout a little louder!

The cheer keeps going with phrases including the school mascot, team name, and school or town name.

Introducing the School Mascot

The school mascot's antics are always appreciated before a game or during half time. Use this cute cheer to introduce your cutest spirit leader!

Here is our mascot
He makes us proud
He makes us laugh
He makes us giggle
When we chant

Now break it down for us name of the mascot
Do a little dance

While the mascot is doing a little dance, the cheerleaders and/or the band if your school has one, should give a rhythm for him or her to dance to.

Good Sportsmanship and Fun

Using hello cheers at the beginning of a game is all about positive sportsmanship. Making the other cheerleaders feel welcome at your school, engaging the other fans to keep the game exciting, and of course, cheering your team onto victory, are all part of feeling the school spirit. Check out Funny Football Cheers for more cute cheers that promote great times and good fun on the field!

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