Cute Softball Cheers

cute softball cheers

Looking for cute softball cheers to get the crowd shouting for their favorite team? Look no further, we have tips on everything from managing cheers at a softball game to getting the crowd more involved to our own original cute softball cheers! If you're looking for ideas on cheering at a softball game, you've come to the right place.

Cheering at a Softball Game

It is very rare that a school will have cheerleaders attend softball games. Sometimes this is due to the budget; there's not enough money to travel with the team. However, cheerleaders often don't cheer for their softball team because softball season coincides with competition season in the spring. However, if your squad is fortunate enough to get to cheer for your favorite team, there are a few things to keep in mind!

  • Uniforms: Most squads don't wear full uniforms to the softball field. Softball fields are generally dusty and many squads who do cheer at softball games find that it's more feasible to wear jeans and matching T-shirts in the right colors.
  • In front vs. in the crowd: You can perform your cheers in front, but consider sitting in the crowd and starting cheers from that vantage point instead. First of all, you'll want the crowd to participate as much as possible. Secondly, you don't want your back turned from the field in the case of a foul ball.
  • Game Time Antics: Softball games are also known for crowd participation that is not necessarily in the form of cheering. Things like getting the entire crowd doing the wave, or a fun dance (think of the Macarena of the 90's), are great ways to help everyone feel enthusiastic and raise school spirit.

Convincing the Crowd to Participate

When thinking about how you're going to get the crowd involved in the game, there are a few tried and true tricks. You'll need to be a little creative in getting the crowd to go along with you, especially if yours is the first squad to cheer for the softball game. However, the boost in morale for the softball team will be well worth it.


Everyone loves freebies. Obviously, your budget and the size of the school is going to determine which type of freebies you can give away. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but remember to get creative.

  • Toss candy to the crowd every time your team gets a base.
  • Raffle off a pizza or snacks from the concession stand every time there is a home run or the other team's pitcher lets one of your players walk.
  • Similarly, raffle off a snack or something every time your pitcher gets a strike. This could even help boost concession stand sales. If you raffle off free hot dogs, it's more likely those winners might buy drinks.


Whether it's a cheer set to a familiar tune or something playing over the radio, everyone loves a good beat. Consider doing a familiar dance or motion every time your home team scores.

Keep it Short and Sweet

When you're cheering at a game, keep in mind that plays can suddenly change in softball without a break. So any cheer that you do should be short and simple. Keep the focus off of performing and instead focus on getting the crowd to cheer with you.

Cute Softball Cheers Suggestions

Here are a few cute cheers to try out at your next softball game:

Before Your Batter Gets to the Plate

Hey batter, batter
Hey batter, batter
I said a-S, a-W, a-I, a-N, a-G
Get to that plate
And do your thing!

Pitcher Taunt

Hey Pitcher
Whatcha gonna do?
(Batter's name) is comin' after you!

On a Pop Fly

And it's hiiiiiiiiiiiigh,
In the skyyyyyyyyyy.
Whistle like something is going down.

Say the last words "high" and "sky" starting with a high pitched voice and then changing your pitch to a lower one. When the ball is hit, shout "Pop" or make a popping noise by with your mouth. While it's in the air, begin clapping at a steady rhythm, and then if it's caught (they usually are), sing the chorus:

Na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na
Hey, Hey, Hey

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Cute Softball Cheers