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Softball Fans Cheering

Since softball games largely depend on fans to give their team a spirit boost, memorize some of these cute softball cheers to use at the next game. They're really easy to learn and, most of all, they're fun to yell. If cheerleaders do attend your games, they might like to have some new softball cheers too.

Cute Cheers to Yell at Softball Games

Here are a few cute cheers to try out at your next softball game.

Before Your Batter Gets to the Plate

Hey batter, batter
Hey batter, batter
I said a-S, a-W, a-I, a-N, a-G
Get to that plate
And do your thing!

Batter Hitting Softball

When the Bases Are Loaded

Bases are loaded,
And we need a hit!
Come on now, (batter's name)
Really whale on it!
Whale baby, whale baby, whale on it!

Encouraging a Teammate to Run the Bases

Come on (team mate's name)
Make it to the next base,
Run, run, run!
Pretend Godzilla's
Chasing after you!
Don't let that monster
Tag you or you're through!

When the Opposing Batter Fouls

Ooh, can you smell that
Stink in the air?
It's the foul ball hit
By that batter over there!

Pitcher Taunt

Hey there pitcher,
Whatcha gonna do?
(Batter's name) is comin' after you!

Pitcher Encouragement

Our pitcher is a real cutie,
But her pitch will knock your
Batter on her patootie!
So get a pillow and blankie ready
Because she's gonna need her bed-y!

On a Pop Fly

And it's hiiiiiiiiiiiigh,
In the skyyyyyyyyyy.
Whistle like something is going down.

Say the last words "high" and "sky" starting with a high pitched voice and then changing your pitch to a lower one. When the ball is hit, shout "Pop" or make a popping noise by with your mouth. While it's in the air, begin clapping at a steady rhythm, and then if it's caught (they usually are), sing the familiar chorus:

"Na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na
Hey, Hey, Hey

Convincing the Crowd to Participate

When thinking about how you're going to get the crowd involved in the game, there are a few tried-and-true tricks. What you do depends in part on whether the cheers are led by you and your friends or a squad is leading them.

Softball Team Celebrating Victory

Give Away Freebies

Everyone loves freebies. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but remember to keep the cost in mind, and clear any giveaways or raffles with the coach and/or the school's athletic department.

  • Toss candy to the crowd occasionally when your team gets a base. Watch for sales and deals on bags of candy before the season gets under way.
  • Plan ahead to raffle off a pizza from the concession stand around mid-game. This will cause some momentary excitement that could re-energize the crowd even if they don't win.
  • Similarly, raffle off a snack or a T-shirt at least once if your pitcher strikes a batter out. This could even help boost concession stand sales. For example, if you raffle off some free hot dogs, it's more likely those winners might buy drinks.

Here's a cheer that could go with the giveaway:

Cheering takes lots of energy,
If you want a little treat
Yell, "yesiree!"
(Point to the crowd and they should yell back "Yesiree!")

You could repeat the cheer once or twice more by starting with "We can't hear you.." and "One last time.." before reading off the winning raffle number. The money collected for the raffle tickets should be donated back to the school and applied toward uniforms, new equipment, or something else that benefits the team.


Whether it's a cheer set to a familiar tune or something playing over the radio, everyone loves a good beat so consider doing a familiar dance or motion every time your team scores. Imagine this cheer sung to the chorus of Hey Macarena along with the signature dance moves.

She hit that ball and she knocked it out so hard,
It practically landed in the neighbor-next-door's yard.
Nobody tagged her out, so she hustled her buns, and
Hey, it's a home run!

Keep Cheers Short and Sweet

When you're cheering at a game, keep in mind that plays can suddenly change in softball without a break. Short and simple cheers are your best option for getting the crowd to cheer with you while not completely distracting them from the game.

Here are several quick cheers or chants for different situations. Say them once or repeat them like a chant if the play and time permits.

  • Sorry we don't mean to shout, but hurry up and strike that batter out!
  • Race, race, race; get your booty to that base.
  • Ooga-booga, Ooga-booga. Miss. That. Swing!

Make Sure Your Friends Are Ready

Whether you're just cheering with friends or you're part of a squad, you need to prepare everyone before you get to the game. Teach them these cheers so everyone can yell along and, with a little repetition, the crowd will find them easy to learn and eventually join in.

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