Decals for Cheerleading Megaphones

Adding decals to a plain megaphone can make it sparkle!

If you're looking to decorate your cheerleading accessories, decals for cheerleading megaphones might be just what you are looking for!

Decals for Cheerleading Megaphones

Adding decals to your megaphones is a great way to customize your own personal megaphone. You can deck out your megaphones whether or not your entire squad has one or two megaphones to use, or even if each squad member has their own megaphone.

Squad Megaphones

Not always, but often, its up to the squad captains to decorate one or two squad megaphones. One thing to keep in mind is where the megaphones will be seen. You may want a very different look for competition day than you do for the school pep rally. Generally speaking, decals cannot be removed so it's best to keep in mind that whatever you do to the megaphone is permanent. It is not uncommon for schools to use one megaphone for games and another for things like competition. The megaphone that travels back and forth to games is likely to put on a lot more wear and tear. If you're putting decals on a group megaphone, use decals that have to do with the school mascot, the school name or something else representing the group.

Individual Cheerleading Megaphones

Sometimes, each cheerleader on a squad has her own smaller megaphone. If this is the case, check to see if your squad wants the megaphones to be identical before adding any decals. Assuming that a little individuality is okay, consider adding your name, your nickname, or even the year you are graduating in addition to any school spirit related decals.

Applying Decals

The place from which you are ordering the decal will likely provide instructions on how to apply the decal to your megaphone. However, here are step by step directions in case the directions provided aren't clear (or aren't provided!):

  1. The area to which you are applying the decal must be clean and dry.
  2. Tape the decal in place being careful not to tape over any part of the design. (Remember, that you're going to see a mirror image of the decal so it's okay if it looks "backwards.")
  3. Use a burnishing tool and rub the decal onto the megaphone.
  4. Remove the carrier sheet very slowly, rubbing as you remove the sheet.
  5. Use the burnishing tool again with the backing sheet in place.
  6. See manufacturers instructions for how to finish the decal.

Where to Buy Decals for Cheerleading Megaphones

There are a variety of places where you can buy decals for your megaphones. First, try using the place where you get your other cheerleading supplies. They may throw in extra perks like applying the decals for you, or providing them for free or a discounted rate. They appreciate repeat customers and your business and if they provide a decal service, this is definitely the way to go. If you haven't bought uniforms for awhile, or if you need to try a new supplier there are still several that provide decals.


Spirit Decals deals exclusive with school spirit themed decals. As a result, they have a substantial collection of just about anything you could possibly want. They also do custom orders so if you have something that you created, that could be made into a decal as well.

Cheerleading.comhas all sorts of spirit related products and when it comes to decals they do not disappoint. They offer mascot decals and letters in various fonts.

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Decals for Cheerleading Megaphones