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The smell of hot cocoa and caramel corn, the crispness of a fall day and the chanting of football cheers must mean it's time for football season. Whether your squad cheers at football games or you just want to show your school spirit and cheer your team to victory, unique football cheers that apply specifically to your team will help you keep the crowd pumped up and the team encouraged. To make up your own cheer for your football team, think about what's special to your team. Inspiration can be found in the squad's mascot, the team name, and your school colors. Consider how you can pull it all together in a catchy little jingle that will be easy for the crowd to remember and repeat after the cheerleaders.

Defense Cheers

When your team takes a defensive stance, it's time to cheer about attacking, holding tight and pushing the other team back.

Push Push

C'mon Eagles, push them back (start in a broken T and then push arms straight out from chest with palms facing out as though you are pushing something away)

Don't give up, attack attack (low touchdown, daggers)

C'mon Eagles, scream, grunt, shout (clap, clap, right hand on hip and left hand lifted to side of mouth to encourage shouting)

Don't give up, make them pout (high V and then lean over and make exaggerated pout)

Go, Eagles! (jump of choice, but everyone on squad should perform the same jump)

Hold That Line

Here they come (left K)

Down the field (low touchdown)

Pull together (broken T)

Hold that line (straight T)

Here they come (right K)

But we won't quit (ready position to high V)

Time to sack the quarterback (keep left arm up and windmill right arm in a circle and back to high V)

Cheers for Offense

When your team is on offense, you can include cheers about breaking through, running the ball and catching the ball.

Once Again

Panther's offense once again (start in ready position and then lift arms into left diagonal)

Scream and shout, stomp and grin (right diagonal into ready position, stay in ready position and stomp right foot forward)

Ten more yards, and then some more (touchdown to broken T)

Run Panthers, touchdown, score! (left diagonal, broken T, right diagonal)

Touchdowns Are Fun

Grab the ball and run (broken T and then hold while jogging in place)

Touchdowns are fun (touchdown)

Our QB can throw the ball (right K to broken T to left K)

Our Braves boys never stall (ready position to low touchdown)

Grab the ball and run (broken T and then hold while jogging in place)

Touchdowns are fun (touchdown)

Touchdown Football Cheers

Touchdowns are a time of great excitement for the fans. Immediately after your team makes a touchdown, break into a cheer the fans can follow along with. Here are a couple to get you started:

Plus Six

See that score? (high V to left or right but toward the scoreboard)

Now it's more (broken T to low V to opposite of above high V - so if you did a left high V, you will do a low right V and vice versa)

Score plus six (clap, clap, clap)

Score plus six (clap, clap, clap)

See our boys? (right high V)

Make some noise (broken T to low left V)

They scored six (clap, clap, clap)

They scored six (clap, clap, clap)

Into the Zone

Down the field (low touchdown)

Like the wind (T)

Into the zone (high touchdown)

Toward a win (broken T)

Touchdown, touchdown! (touchdown, ready position)

Eagles touchdown! (pike jump)

Cheers for Halftime

Halftime cheers offer cheerleaders the chance to show off their skills and stunts. The only problem is that when halftime hits, people get up, mill around, head for the snack stand and generally don't pay attention. Because of this, it's important to grab the crowd's attention at the halfway point in the football game. Remember, you are setting the spirit level of the crowd for the rest of the game.

Sound like a lot of pressure? It shouldn't be because halftime cheers can be some of the most creative and fun-filled cheers of your career. There are opportunities to add in dance moves, stunts and pyramids. Squads usually come up with unique cheers for halftime. Here is one to give you some ideas and get you started on creating your own halftime cheer.

Go! Go! Go!

Popcorn, blankets, hot cocoa (start in ready position, broken T, right K)

Eagles team, Go! Go! Go! (left K, right punch, right punch, right punch)

Defense means we hold the line (clasp hands, overhead clasp)

Offense means its time to shine (left bow and arrow to right bow and arrow)

Our boys are fast, never slow (tabletop, T)

Eagles team, Go! Go! Go! (left K, right punch, right punch, right punch)

When our fans scream and shout (motion to fans to scream and shout)

You know it's time to lose all doubt (low clasp, left punch)

When our QB makes his throw (take one small step back with left foot and make throwing motion with right arm)

Eagles team, Go! Go! Go! (left K, right punch, right punch, right punch)

The squad should then go into a pyramid, perform stunts or do a short dance

Go, Eagles! (left herkie)

Show Your Team Spirit

Remember that no matter which cheers you choose, or if you choose to create your own, that the main key is to have fun and be passionate about your cheering. The crowd will sense whether or not you are enjoying the cheer, and it will make all the difference in whether that cheer is a hit or a flop.

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