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Whether you're looking for new uniforms, squad warm ups or just some cute stuff, you'll find that most retailers and whole salers will happily send you a free cheerleading catalog. In addition, there are lots of freebies to be had for cheerleaders if you just look around.

Free Cheerleading Catalog List

Here is a listing of free cheerleading catalogs that you can request. Details and information on how to request the catalogs is below.

BSN Sports

BSN Sports offers uniforms and accessories for a variety of sports. You can download their catalog or fill out a simple form to request that a catalog be sent to your school or home.

Contact Information:
Company Name League Direct
Adress League Direct P.O. Box 7726
City, State, Zip Dallas, Texas 75209
Phone 1-800-774-6972
Fax 1-800-866-5760

Cheer Zone

Whatever you could possibly want, Cheer Zone probably has it. From uniforms to pom pons to accessories, you can find it at Cheer Zone. They even have a coach's section and a clearance section. You can access their online catalog for free.

Contact Information
Company Name Cheer Zone
Phone 1.800.856.8869
Fax 1.888.856.8869

Omni Cheer

Omni Cheer specializes in budget friendly customized uniforms. They carry a full selection of in-stock uniforms as well as warm ups, body wear, shoes, socks, bags and other accessories. You can call in your order or use their online ordering form. You can request a catalog from the website.

Contact Information
Address 131 Main Street
City, State, Zip Geneseo, New York 14454
Phone 1-800-350-1562

The Cheerleading Company carries just about everything you could possibly want that's cheer related. Not only do they have uniforms and apparel, they also have equipment such as megaphones, pom pons and other fun stuff. they also offer fund raising help so your squad can buy all this stuff! You can view their catalog online or submit a request for a catalog from the website.

Contact Information
Adress 11350 Hillguard Rd
City, State, Zip Dallas, TX 75243
Phone 1-800-411-4105
Fax 1-800-411-0842

Free Online Catalogs

While most bigger companies who regularly deal with entire squad orders will happily send you their catalog for free, there is still a slew of online catalogs (that are always free) that are worth perusing.

Spirit Accessories

Spirit Accessories is the place to go for cheerleaders things like bags, T-shirts and fundraisers. You can download their free cheerleading catalog in PDF format.

Don't forget to check out our Cheerleading Gear category right here at LoveToKnow. Among the articles on advice for buying shoes, hair bows and uniforms, you'll also find a multitude of resources for ordering what you need to outfit your squad from head to toe.

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Free Cheerleading Catalog