Freshman Cheers for a Pep Rally

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Pep rallies are a super fun way to show your school spirit while getting your classmates pumped for an exciting upcoming game or event. There are plenty of opportunities for cheerleaders to let each class show their spirit, so teach some fun cheers to the Freshmen to help them feel included.

Freshmen Cheers

There's no better way to bring a class together than by performing some spirited freshmen cheers for the pep rally. Some great cheers include:

We Are the Freshmen

We are the Freshmen
And we're here to say,
We wanna see our team
Win today.
We may be new,
We may be green,
But we wanna be part,
Of the winning scene!

The Freshmen Are Here

The Freshmen are here,
And we wanna give a cheer
To let you know that it's
Gonna be our year!
2019! (Use your class year)
Clap twice
Clap twice
End with lots of cheering and shouting

Freshmen Victory Cry

We may be Freshmen,
But we're not shy.
Now you're gonna hear,
Our victory cry!
Freshmen spirit is sky-high!

Freshmen Say Go

Call: Freshmen say go!
Response: Go!
Call: Freshmen say fight!
Response: Fight!
Call: Freshmen say win!
Response: Win!
Call: Put it all together now!
Response: Go, fight, win!

Freshmen Rock

Call: Hey Freshmen!
Response: We're here!
Call: Do you have spirit?
Response: Heck ya!

Call: Yeah, you think so?
Response: Uh-huh!
Call: Then let us hear it!
Response: Okay! Freshmen rock, Freshmen rock, rah, rah, Freshmen!

Getting Ready for Your First Prep Rally

To ensure that the prep rally is a ton of fun, make sure everything is planned ahead of time so you can enjoy yourself and get your classmates excited. Think about:

Cheerleader jumping in air
  • Your outfit selections should all coordinate and center around the theme of school spirit.
  • Find ways to engage the crowd. Maybe give away special prizes, or run a few silly contests with members representing each grade.
  • Practice your dance routines and cheers so when the day comes, everyone can have fun and won't be worried about making any mistakes.
  • Make sure you stretch before doing any stunts and have a snack before the pep rally begins. It takes a lot of energy to be a part of such a fast-paced event.
  • Speak enthusiastically to the crowd and say statements that will make everyone feel united and excited. Some examples include: "Hey (school's name), we're not going to let (rival school's name) take us down tonight are we?" or "Let's give a special welcome to our new Freshmen, we all expect to see you at the game tonight cheering the loudest and making us older (mascot's name) feel supported!"

Having Fun

Pep rallies are a great way for the whole school to connect and let loose together. However you decide to run the pep rally, be sure to do so with enthusiasm and make it a point to include all class grades, especially the Freshmen who may be a bit shy at first. This will get everyone super excited about the big game.

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Freshman Cheers for a Pep Rally