Freshman Cheers for a Pep Rally

Megaphone and Pom

There's no better way to bring a brand new class together than by performing some freshman cheers for a pep rally. There are plenty of opportunities for cheerleaders to let each class show their spirit, so teach these cheers to the Freshmen and help them feel like they belong. Once they learn the cheers, they can use them at rallies and sporting events all year long.

We Are the Freshman

We are the Freshman
And we're here to say,
We wanna see our team
Win today.

We may be new,
We may be green,
But we wanna be part
Of the winning scene!

The Freshman Are Here

The Freshman are here,
And we wanna give a cheer
To let you know that it's
Gonna be our year.

Twenty-fourteen! (Substitute the appropriate class year.)
Clap twice.
Clap twice.
(End with lots of cheering and applause.)

Freshmen Victory Cry

We may be freshman,
But we're not shy.
Now you're gonna hear
Our victory cry.

Freshman spirit is sky high!

Freshman Say Go

Call: Freshman say go.
Response: Go!
Call: Freshman say fight.
Response: Fight!
Call: Freshman say win.
Response: Win!
Call: Put it all together now!
Response: Go, Fight, Win!

Freshman Cheers for a Pep Rally

Call: Hey Freshmen!
Response: We're here!
Call: Do you have spirit?
Response: Heck ya!
Call: Yeah, ya think so?
Response: Uh huh!
Call: Then let us hear it!
Response: Okay!

Freshman rock, Freshman rock,
Rah, Rah, Freshmen!

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Freshman Cheers for a Pep Rally