Fun and Easy Football Cheers

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Fun football cheers are imperative for keeping the mood and spirit of a game alive. Not all football games run alike. Some are gripping, high-tension displays of athletic prowess and others move as slowly as a mollusk. It's not always easy to maintain an optimistic atmosphere in the stands, so with a great repertoire of football cheers, you can keep everyone excited and involved.

Easy Football Cheers

The goal of a football chant should be to reflect the mood of the game.

Ask for a Touchdown

The start of a game is usually marked by optimism so it's always appropriate to request a touchdown from your team with this cheer:

"We want a touchdown,

Just little touchdown

An itty-bitty touchdown

A teensy-weensy, nice and dreamy, all-fulfilling, make-it-thrilling, TOUCHDOWN!"

You can repeat cheers like this one continuously throughout the game, provided your team isn't suffering a massacre. It's also not the best idea to be vying for a touchdown when your team is clobbering their opponent.


Observe more intense football moments with:

"Oh, SNAP!

They got the quarterback!

Feel free to walk it off,

'Cause that looked really bad."

Clapping and stomping while you yell these cheers from the sidelines can help maintain your rhythm and at the very least, give you one more thing to do if the game lags. Your most boring moments as a cheerleader may be during lagging games. No matter what direction the game is going, you can rouse enthusiasm in the bleachers when you've got the right chants.

Moving Down the Field Slowly

For those games when your team is inching down the field, try:

"Wow…ten yards...

Isn't really that far,

But it's a lot more exciting,

When you lower the bar!"


"The sun is down,

And we're covered in flies.

Our snacks are cold,

So get with it, you guys.

Nothing--NOTHING--would be more sublime,

Than a running back heading past the forty yard line.

Thirty--twenty--ten--end zone!

You might as well win it, so we can go home!"

This cheer is great performed in a chorus line formation It's perfect after a tough play:

"We're rough, we're tough,

We know it and we show it,

We got power, wooh!,

Team power, wooh!"

Getting Their Head in the Game

When your team needs to concentrate and step up their game, encourage them with these cheers:


(Half the squad says) "Say concentration,"

(Other half of the squad answers) "Concentration"

(Half the squad says) "Say concentration,"

(Other half of the squad answers) "Concentration."



Say be aggressive (draw out the word aggressive),

Be aggressive (again, draw out the word aggressive),


When Victory Is Near

When victory is in sight, it's time for a victory cheer such as:


That's the way we spell success


Victory, victory, that's our cry!"

When Your Team Is Ahead

Another cheer for when your team is ahead is:

"Come along, come along, come along for the ride,

We're the biggest and the baddest, and we're back with pride,

We'll leave you all in a cloud of smoke,

And there you have it, that's all folks!"

Building Your Repertoire

Fun and addictive football chants are the weapon of effective cheerleaders. It's their job to provide the very best in jests, praises, and solemnities (when appropriate). When building a solid repertoire of chants, you will need to cover areas such as:

  • Touchdowns
  • Kick-offs
  • Injuries
  • Massive defeats
  • Foul-plays
  • Dreadful boredom
  • Time-outs

Get the Fans Involved

Cheerleading isn't just for cheerleaders. Fans can support their team by cheering them on from the stands. It's fun to get fans involved. Help them show their team spirit by printing your cheers and handing them out throughout the stands. With the right cheers and motivation, even the quietest fan can be an asset to their team.

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