Original Funny Softball Cheers

Funny Softball Cheers

Softball players and fans can add some light-hearted fun to the game with funny chants and cheers. These original sayings will catch opponents off-guard and give your team a chance to have fun.

The Wedding March

When a hesitant player from the other team won't take a lead off any base, start up this taunting cheer inspired by the phrase "married to the bag."

Dun Dun Duh Dun (Sound from the song traditionally played when a bride walks down the aisle)
Here comes the runner,
All dressed in (opponents main color)
She's married to the bag
Watch out for that tag!

Windmill Wind Up

A softball pitch mimics the movement of a windmill. Fill this term into the words of the "Mirror, Mirror" saying from Snow White and you've got a silly chant for every batter.

Windmill, windmill
On the mound,
Who's that batter
She's strike-bound

Girly Sayings

There are tons of phrases about what girls are made of and how they should act. Put a modern spin on those outdated ideals by pairing classic slogans like "sugar and spice" with gritty or masculine softball terms.

Good Girls

This simple cheer adds a bit of humor to your team's entry into the stadium or off the field as you leave.

Good girls hit,
Good girls steal.
Forget the mall
Good girls play ball.

Sparkle and Shine

Add gestures to your cheers to make them even more hilarious. Pretend to put on some makeup then belt this motivating chant.

I'll sparkle and shine
When my bat meets the ball
And it soars down the line.

Funny Fairy Tales

In fairy tales girls are often portrayed as meek and in need of rescue by princes or knights. Take classic children's characters and stories then add some girl power to create unique team or individual cheers.

Fairy Tale Princess

Use this chant toward a batter who has just struck out or had a hit caught.

You're no princess.
Your pumpkin's rotten,
The dwarves have forgotten
Spells can't save you now,
'Cuz you are out!

Shining Armor

Next time you're up to bat recite this chant to get the crowd laughing.

Keep your knight in shining armor, I've got my aluminum bat!

Softball Song Lyrics

When you add softball terms to well-known song lyrics, you can create comedic home runs. Use the hook, or chorus, from the song so it's recognizable then change out a few words to reflect the game.

  • These Boots Were Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra: These cleats are made for walking and that's just what they'll do. On the next pitch I'm gonna walk all over you.
  • Boom Clap by Charlie XCS: Boom, Clap, the sound of this crowd as our lead goes on and on and on and on.
  • God's Plan by Drake: They say do you love winning, I say only partly I love my coach and my team, I'm sorry. Dawg's plan, Dawg's (insert mascot name in place of Dawgs) plan. I can't do this on my own.
  • Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend famously performed by Marilyn Monroe: Nights grow old as crowds grow cold, whether we lose or win. But three bases and a home plate, these fields don't lose their shape. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.


Sung to the tune of Hot Potato, this quick and easy chant can be used after any hit that could result in an out.

Softie, Softie
Who's got the Softie?
If we got the softie,
You are out!

Have Fun On and Off the Field

While most softball teams don't have dedicated cheerleaders, players and fans can start up chants or cheers anytime. Get your crowd riled up and motivate your team with laughter.

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Original Funny Softball Cheers