Good Luck Hello Cheers

Good luck team!

Using good luck hello cheers can be the perfect way to rouse the crowd before a game starts. These cheers can help you wish your team luck and introduce the game, the players or even the squad to the fans!

When to Use Good Luck Hello Cheers

Hello cheers are generally used at the beginning of the game or at a pep rally, and they introduce the squad to the school. Sometimes, a hello cheer might welcome fans to the game or introduce the players to the fans as well, especially if this is one of the first games of the season.

In general, these are not cheers that you're going to use over and over again throughout the season. These are cheers that you're going to come up with for the beginning of a game. Since they aren't going to be cheers that you'll perform repeatedly, you can use more elaborate motions to entertain the crowd. Don't forget to use your props; your megaphone can be a huge asset.

Additionally, good luck cheers are mostly suitable as the first cheer of the game. It doesn't make sense to wish the players good luck in the middle of the game when they are already clearly losing or clearly winning. So don't save these for the middle or end of the game. Start rousing the crowd right from the start.

Sample Cheers for the Game

Here are a couple of sample cheers to introduce the players or the starters, and help the fans wish them good luck in winning the big game!

Good Luck

With the following cheer, you can really get creative. Make signs that show the letters as you spell them out. At the end of the cheer while half of the squad is stomping and clapping, the other half of the squad can set up for an easy stunt. Another idea is to implement some tumbling instead of stomping and clapping. Tumbling always gets a crowd in the mood to cheer on their favorite team.

Good (clap) Good luck (clap, clap)
Good L-U-C-K
That's the way we say
(stomp, stomp, clap, clap)
Good Luck

It's Not Karma

This is a great cheer you can use to introduce the team for which you're cheering. Consider using it to introduce the senior players for their last high school basketball game, the starters for a really big game or for a game in which you are playing your biggest rivals. For added drama, consider having the players run through a banner as the head cheerleader introduces the team using a megaphone.It's not good karma
It's not good fate
It's simply that we dominate
So step aside
And make way
Our team is gonna win today!
(At this point use the megaphone to introduce each starting player on the team.)

Other Ways to Wish Your Team Good Luck

Besides just cheering for your team at games, many cheerleaders serve to boost the moral of the school teams. Here are a few ideas for wishing your favorite players good luck before the big game:

  • Tape flyers to each players' locker with a picture of the player in action and a sign that says, "Good Luck # 7" (or whatever number is appropriate for the player).
  • Make a short rhyme for each player as you introduce them. For example:

Taylor, Taylor he's our guy
He runs so fast you'll think he flies

  • Hold up crowd cards that instruct the crowd to shout "Good Luck" repeating several times. Soon they will be stomping and clapping so loudly what they're saying will be lost, but the spirit of participation and the camaraderie of the team will be felt by all--especially the opponents.
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