Great Softball Cheers

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Fans love to get involved with the pacing and fast-changing elements of both slow and fast pitch softball, and great softball cheers can help keep fans engaged. Coming up with an arsenal of original, fun cheers will help you keep each game fresh and exciting. Try adding some of the following softball cheers to your roster.

Razzing the Batter and the Pitcher

The two highest-pressure positions on the field are the batter and the pitcher, locked in a duel that lasts a split second before everyone else comes into play. Softball cheers are often used to try and unnerve the players as they face each other down. Sarcasm is often used along with the relatively strange softball custom of comparing the pitcher's throwing arm to a washing machine.

Watch it Spin!

Ooh, that pitcher, looks so mean!

But she's got an arm like a washing machine,

Watch it spin, watch it shake,

Barely gets the ball goin' over the plate!

Feel the Breeze

What was that? Feel a breeze?

Look at that poor pitcher freeze!

Shake and tremble, show no fear,

We're gonna slam it OUTTA here!

Poor Little Batter

Poor little batter, gonna make you cry,

Gonna pitch so fast you shouldn't even try,

Gonna swing, gonna miss, gonna make you pout,

One - two - three gonna strike you OUT!

Even if the batter gets a hit, often fouls and tips and pop flies give you a chance to razz the entire team. Use popular songs to celebrate the things that happen- like the classic "Doo wah diddy" song when a batter is walked, or "Movin' Out!" when the third out moves the opposing team out of the dugout and back on the field allowing your team get the chance to score.

Encouraging the Batter

The easiest way to unnerve an opponent is to cheer on your own team. Make the pitcher think the person up to bat is the fiercest opponent he's ever faced with these cheers.

Pound that Pitch

Hey (players name)! How you do?

You gotta know we're countin' on you!

And what we count on most of all!

Is the way you pound the ball!

So POUND that pitch right OUTTA here!

Without a Hitch

Slow pitch!

Fast pitch!

(Insert player's name) will hit without a hitch

Wind it up and let it fly

(Player's name) will hit it, my oh my!

Cheers for Basemen and Outfielders

It's easy to cheer for the person up to bat or the pitcher, but the team members out in the field have a lot of impact on the outcome of the game. Cheer them on to victory with these chants.

Stop Him Now

First base, second base

Stop him now

Catch the ball

Watch the Eagles (other team's mascot) fall

Hey, Outfielders!

Right field, left field, center too

That fly ball is coming for you

Run to the back

Run to the side

Hold out your glove

The ball can't hide

Hey, outfielders

Look around

Live ball, live ball

Hey, outfielders!

General Softball Cheers

There are times when the game is moving slowly but the fans still want something to cheer about. These general softball cheers are appropriate for many different situations.

Dirt on White Socks

Dirt on white socks

Pitcher's mound

Sliding, stealing, never frown

Hit that ball and run to base

Watch that smile light up your face

Go, Badgers!

Softball Passion

I love this game

Feels like spring

Softball makes me want to sing

Balls and bats and pitcher's mound

Cracker jacks

The fans abound

Let's play this game

With leather gloves

Softball is the game I love

Make Up Your Own Great Softball Cheers

Coming up with your own cheers for softball is easy because there are so many things to cheer about - your batter, their batter, your pitcher, their pitcher, that great catch or pop fly, a player being walked - the list is endless. Pick a few favorites to showcase at every game for fans to learn and love, then add new, fresh cheers to keep them wanting more.

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