High School Cheerleading Stunts


High school cheerleading stunts can wow a crowd and bring home a medal if you've got what it takes to compete against the best! Below are some standard stunts to try out with your squad, giving you a fresh edge for your next routine.

High School Cheerleading Stunts Safety

Before attempting even the simplest of high school cheer stunts, remember that any move that involves physical exertion should only be practiced in the presence of a responsible adult. Make sure your cheerleading coach has approved any new moves before you attempt them, and always ensure your coach is certified and trained before working with you. Safety is key when it comes to high school cheerleading stunts, as an accident can be devastating and life altering.

When your safety precautions are in place and your squad has properly limbered up, check out the stunts below for some great ideas and inspiration.

Half Spin Sequence

This partner stunt sequence is popular in high school competitions, both for its tricky execution and impressive form. You will need to have a flyer who has some experience with such stunts, and is quick enough for some fancy footwork. Load your flyer into position with her left foot crossed behind her right. The flyer should be able to support her own weight as the main base places her left hand on the right foot. A secondary base is also necessary to support the left foot. It is also essential to use a spotter who will support the flyer's ankles during the stunt's prep.

Sound like a showy game of Twister? Practice makes perfect, and in time your squad will have this prep sequence down to a science.

Once properly positioned, the bases should bend and execute just as they would a standard extension. This is when the flyer turns on the sparkle, pulling off a counter-clockwise half turn. The bases should have time to rotate as well, providing the illusion of a full rotation in the air.

Before falling into her cradle, the flyer should add in a heel stretch or another move of equal flexibility as the bases continue to rotate her around.

Kick Basket

If your squad has mastered a basic basket toss, they may be ready to try the more advanced kick basket.

Have your flyer load into the basket so her body is facing the audience sideways. She should stay as vertical as possible as the bases form a basket grim. You can also have a spotter help with this prep if you feel it is necessary.

The flyer is then tossed into the air, and she should continue to remain aligned as straight as possible. The flair comes in when the flyer is able to kick up either her left or right leg and form an "L" position with her arms.

Full Basket Toss with an X

This is another advanced toss. To execute it, you'll need one flyer, two bases and a rear spotter. You may also want to add in an extra spotter if your front base needs assistance.

Following a typical basket grip, the flyer loads in and is then propelled airborne. While in the air, she should turn to the crowd and form an "X" in the air by extending her arms and legs with fists closed and toes pointed.

There is also usually time to complete a full rotation in the air, keeping the body vertical with arms down at her sides. The rotation is accomplished by crossing one leg over the other to help rotate the hips and begin the spin.

Your squad will have a great season ahead of you when you're ready to try something new and push yourselves to the limits!

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